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Shantala is a vibrational energy healer who has studied magic, manifestation and conflict resolution for over 15 years. She teaches people to ignite their magnetic personality and create juicy relationships to attract their most vibrant lifestyle. Her techniques are explained in a decadent 7 step signature system known as The Art of Desire.

The Mindshift Mentor is a graduate of Drexel University's International Relations program and has worked for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court as well as The United Nations Association in Washington DC. Her training includes Reiki certification, Laughter yoga therapy and intensive education on healing techniques, culture-conflict resolution and history/mythology as a means of bridging that gap.

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Health and Wellness



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Positivity Training

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The Mindshift Mentor (professional)


Created multiple workshops, programs and talks throughout the tristate area on bridging communication gaps between the generations within ethnic communities

Education (4)

Drexel University: B.S. Justice and Human Rights, International Area Studies 2006

She has extensive studies on anthropology and conflict resolution with regards to developing human relationships, history and politics to understand different worldviews and women's studies to bridge cultural gaps.

Philadelphia Medium and Psychic Development Group: Level 1 certification, Reiki and Energy Healing 2013

Goddess Business School with Elizabeth Purvis: Feminine Magic Master Class, Feminine Magic Academy 2013

French Kiss World Society with Tonya Leigh: developing relationships and a deep love of self, Living a life of Pleasure and Luxury 2013

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Testimonials (6)

Suzie Masser, NYC Film and Theater Actress | Entertainer

“I’d highly recommend Shantala’s . She is a thoughtful and encouraging coach who truly cares about your personal happiness as well as your success. She is a gifted motivational speaker and teacher, as well as a savvy business strategist. During I shifted my mindset from focusing on ‘lack’ to focusing on opportunities. She set out daily tasks that really force you to stick to the program, and avoid negative mind triggers. Soon I started noticing my desires manifesting in my life. All of this occurred while I felt I wasn't trying so hard, and instead focusing my energy on the things that mattered most, in a more efficient manner.”

Elaine Torrance-Gingrich, Owner at Avalonian Moon | Avalonian Moon

"Shantala's energy is contagious and you are transformed and uplifted just by being in her presence. Her laughter is infectious and her heart is genuine. If you're drawn in any way to Shantala, follow that impulse and allow her magic to impact your life!"

Sabrina Ram, Owner and CEO of BluLotus PR | Blu Lotus Public Relations

"Shantala Surya is an energy healer devoted to her craft. As a person who has never utilized this type of service before - and is rather skeptical about it - it was refreshing to have Shantala walk me through every step of the process and answer any questions I may have. She was very patient with me and thorough with her process. She worked around my busy schedule and would often send me little notes to make me at ease during hectic or stressful times. She goes above and beyond for her clients and truly shows just how much she cares and how invested she is in making sure you achieve personal success."

Leah Cevoli , Hollywood Actress and Coffee Chat Consultant | Coffee Chat Consultant

“Shantala is a goddess of laughter and magic and has a keen ability to get right to the heart of the matter whether it be a personal or business situation. Her encourages playfulness, friendship, honesty, and digging deep into each participant's individual situation. The daily assignments, & text messages help keep me on-track and engaged, and moving towards the goals that were set in the beginning of the . I highly recommend Shantala's services for anyone who's feeling a bit stuck, needs a mindshift, or is looking for a powerful ally, and mentor in their life.”

Alice Dranger, Hollywood Indy Film Actress | Independent Contractor

“I started my journey with Shantala and Magical Mindshifters feeling like I was just pushing at the same wall over and over again with no results, like Atlas pushing the rock. But then I made the best decision I could by joining with Shantala and the Magical Mindshifters. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first; I’ve paid for business advice before with varying results. Some good, some bad. But she took the time to talk with me and explain what she did and why she did it and I jumped in. Shantala is amazing at making you think anything is possible. She really succeeds in getting you to a place where you feel anything is possible. Gone are my days of “I just want to work” to “This is what I desire and by golly I am going to go for it!”

Kelly McCaughan, Healing Food Therapist | healing your body with delicious foods

“Shantala’s 8 week intensive is exactly what I have been looking for, for years! It is 8 weeks of dedicating yourself to personal goals as well as career goals. It’s about supporting each other no matter what and learning to remain positive and following through with your career/personal goals. Shantala makes sure to check on you to see how you are doing and is constantly guiding you in the right direction the entire way. She gives your timelines and coaching that really help you to stay on task. It has been and extremely helpful and positive experience! It was exactly what I needed at this point in my life and career and I will most definitely be doing another intensive soon!

Event Appearances (2)

The Art of Desire~Vibrate your way through those Desires

Virtual Talkshow and Laughter Lounge  Virtual


Mindshift into a new perspective and raise your vibration

Magnify your Mojo  Virtual Conference Call


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Motivational Therapist & Laughter Coach~feel magnetic~create juicy relationships~attract a vibrant lifestyle

I teach a 7 step signature system called The Art of Desire which dives into decadent techniques to create incredible relationships with colleagues, partners, lovers, friends and clients~developed over 15 years these brilliant insights have made me magnetic and I'm delighted to pass the skills for attracting vibrancy into your life, on to you!



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