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Shari Peterson - Real Estate Investment & Funding Assoc.. Chesterfield, MO, US

Shari Peterson

Owner & Managing Members | Capri Capital, LLC

Chesterfield, MO, UNITED STATES

Transactional Funding


Shari began investing in real estate in 2007, focusing on short sale transactions and buying houses “subject-to” the existing mortgage. To this day, she still an active landlord. Real estate investing and providing Transactional Funding are the most recent business activities she has been involved in. Prior to this, she enjoyed a successful record of past business ventures.

The changing climate of real estate investing is what spurred the creation of Capri Capital, LLC. When flipping a property, title companies used to allow the funds from the B-C transaction to be used to pay-off the A-B transaction -- the investor did not have to bring any cash to the table. As the financial climate became much more conservative in the late 2000s, title companies tightened up their guidelines and began requiring that each deal be funded separately. This meant that the investor could no longer use the cash the C Buyer brought to the table to pass through and pay off the seller in the A-B transaction. As an investor herself, Shari was faced with needing to find private lenders to provide cash to allow her to close the A-B transaction. She soon realized that if she needed funds to close, so would many other real estate investors. That is how Capri Capital, LLC was born.

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