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Shaun Hays

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Exciting and relevant keynote speaker / world renown speed chalk artist - unforgettable!





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Once a depressed and disillusioned teenager, Shaun Hays has overcome incredible odds to become one of the most beloved young speakers and authors in North America. Using powerful and humorous delivery, Shaun moves his audiences to tears and inspiration as much as he causes riotous laughter. His stories are real, his energy palpable and his heart is on fire!

BONUS: His famous "Chalk Rock!" performance will leave your jaw on the floor and adds excitement you will need to experience to understand. (See website and youtube for more info.)

When your audience thinks they have seen it all, give Shaun a call. His ability to disarm them and reach the deepest part of them is second to none. Suicide prevention and mental health issues are his favorite subjects to tackle, but don't box him into a category... Shaun is a professional with nearly two decades of experience. He will deliver "your message" with amazing results! One thing is certain, you will never forget his presentation.

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Featured Artist (professional)

Chalk Urban Art Festival, The southern hemisphere's largest chalk festival, held annually in Australia, featured Shaun Hays' 9/11 Tribute in chalk for the 10 year anniversary of the attacks in NYC. The video of the performance was used to promote the festival online.

Master Chalk Artist (professional)


Shaun helped to develop a new presentation style of high energy, fast moving chalk artistry in 1998. His colleagues have called him "The Ninja" and "The Jedi Knight of Chalk Art". He is the Chicago Chalk Champ and is featured at high profile Chicago Lakefront Properties such as McCormick Place and Navy Pier. He has artwork displayed in over 100 cities across the US.

World's First (professional)


Shaun Hays is the only 3D chalk artist that has ever been allowed to do 3D chalk art in Chicago's McCormick Place. While there in the fall of 2012, Shaun included the Worlds First 3D Chalk Art (functioning) QR Code! Many thought the task impossible, but Shaun's colleagues told the groups sponsoring the cutting edge marketing "If anyone can do it, Shaun Can!" The crowds were amazed when phones and iPads picked up the code and took them to a website developed just for that occasion.

Education (1)

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Shaun suffered from a terrible case of Bipolar Disorder with the worst case of rapid cycling most Dr.'s would agree, is the worst they've ever heard of (Up to 20 times a day!) - He also suffered from PTSD as a child. Although highly intelligent, public education was not serving Shaun's needs. After Graduating High School, Shaun found his path in an unconventional self education that truly pays off for his audiences today. Many teachers think of him as "Professor of the school of hard-knocks"

Testimonials (1)

Theresa Brendemuehl, Teacher/parent/businesswoman | SMU - Fine Arts

"I think your message of choosing your attitude is one that every (one) need(s) to hear. I've been to several of these events, and you were by far the best speaker. Thanks!"

Event Appearances (4)


Lifest - Mainstage Keynote  Osh Kosh, Wisconsin


Raise The Roof!  Tampa Florida, Tropicana Dome


Lifest  Osh Kosh, Wisconsin

The Burning Heart; (Difference Maker / Leader)

STARS National Conference 2012  University of Colorado, Ft. Collins, CO


Sample Talks (3)

The Towering Power! - of small successes

For all adult audiences. Ever feel inadequate? Do have have a low success drive? Ever feel like you've wasted years on missed opportunities? The simple truth is you have more ability and drive than you ever knew. You just haven't been taught how to access it and make it work...for you. Using the latest developments in neuroscience and mental health, Shaun teaches simple to understand principles that are full of life and humor that will move you closer to your desired goals... automatically.

Young At Heart

People are always amazed at Shaun's non-stop youthful energy. They are even more amazed when they hear he spent years in debilitating depression completely void of enthusiasm. Shaun takes his audience on the journey of his early life and pain to the fun filled party that is Shaun Hays' life today... relaying easy to apply principals that effect all areas of our lives. Humorous, effective and unforgettable inspiration. This is a great kickoff or closer!

The Burning Heart!

Based off Shaun's hilarious and riveting book, this program breaks through the seemingly impenetrable walls teenagers put up when advice is presented. Powerfully moving true stories of Shauns abusive youth is artfully interwoven with appropriate humor and zany antics jaded teens adore. The message of overcoming difficulties and choosing your attitude is prominent and effective. This is a rockstar program for 2012! To top it a off; Shaun's amazing and unforgettable "Chalk Rock!" performance will bring the message to life and have the audience on their feet! Content+Inspiration+Humor = a grand slam for your youth. Give us a call!



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4500 to 7500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee