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Shawn Paul Boike Shawn Paul Boike

President | America Industrial Co.


Wrote a Book called "Aerospace Industry-America's Future?" -Looking for Publishers



Aerospace & American Industrial Specialist w/proven experience in Product Development, Design and Manufacturing for: 16 Aerocraft, 2 Rocket Ships, 1 amphibeous plus 9+ Land Vehicles & Automobile Platforms. In concurrent engineering environment, in producing: “Lean, Value Added” projects, proposals, concepts, R & D, specification, documentation, certifications, designs & plans that are structurally sound & w/optimal material selection & development (composites, ceramics, supercundive & metals).
Diversified background with the insights and working knowledge & Team Leadership for Vehicle development from inception to resurrection with being at Leading Companies: Boeing. Northrop Grumman, consulting to Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Space System & Land System on the FCS & EFV being part of Team Mustang at Ford Motor CO. and part of the Adv. Body Engineering group (pre-portfolio) at General Motors. Working knowledge on various Program’s CAD systems (UG, Catia, ProE & Solidworks - see below) along with FEA, FMEA, CFD, DOE’s & 6 Sigma. DOD experience, Survivabilty, Armor, C4ISR & Structures Expert (EVMS, DOORS, docs. software, Windchill, ACE, DPA, Fly-thru, Epic, IVT, Systems Trades, Project; IMS & IMP’s, ISO 9,000’s, 14,000’s, ITARS, EME, EMI, RF, Sensors and DARS & FARS).
Official US Senate Adviser, for California State (since 1995)
Active, experienced awarded Public Speaker on High Tech Aerospace Materials, Electric Car Development, Mfg & Costs, and Flexible Assembly Systems (Auto & Aero Industry).

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MSU: BSME, Engineering 1985

SDSU: MBA, Business Mgt. Bus. Law 1991

UCSD: MS, Biotechnology

Studied, (Dark Field) Microscopy, Live Blood Cell Analysis for human cell to organ condition analysis & predictability.

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  • SAE, AIA, AIAA, SME, ASME, AFA, SAMPE, INCOSE, DOD, Whitehouse, US Senate, US Congress,


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