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Simon Hill - SJH Mentoring. Coventry, United Kingdom, Warwickshire, GB

Simon Hill

PhD Researcher - Humanitarian Engineering & Entrepreneurship | SJH Mentoring

Coventry, United Kingdom, Warwickshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Entrepreneur, Workshop Leader, Coach & Researcher



Well I am a wearer of many hats, but each interconnects with the other, which enables me to do something I'm passionate about and have expertise in. So here we go...

SJH Mentoring offers one-to-one and workshop based coaching around the development of personal performance. Having worked with thousands of individuals to enhance their skills and perspectives on life, I am confident about inspiring people to achieve their dreams. To find out more and see what our clients say about us, check out:

In order to enhance my knowledge in performance characteristics, I am currently conducting research to complete a PhD, with a specific focus on entrepreneurial characteristics in engineers.

Who am I looking for?

- Schools/colleges/universities looking to empower students
- Individuals who want to reach their goals
- Businesses that are looking to grow & learn

So that's me, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch, I'm always happy to chat. I will leave you with this...

Dream Big, Live Wise!

Areas of Expertise (3)

Personal Development

Engaging Teaching

Reaching Your Goals

Accomplishments (3)

Midlands Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (professional)


Midlands Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Midlands Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (professional)


Midlands Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Best Paper Presentation (professional)


The presentation of my academic research paper on entrepreneurial engineers.

Education (2)

Coventry University: BA, Business Enterprise 2009

Coventry University: Master of Arts (M.A.), Global Entrepreneurship 2011

Testimonials (6)

C Carpenter, Delegate | Creative Thinking

Dream big, live wise. Inspirational words used by the self employed entrepreneur Simon Hill. The biggest and most successful asset of his inspiration was his workshops to help others achieve their goals. The most important thing in life is finding your goals. Having an idea, a desire, and giving yourself the motivation to achieve anything you put your mind too. The workshops really help you dig deep into your unconscious mind; searching for your real ambitions. The methods Simon uses in his workshops really help others identify what they want to achieve or even, who to become. Both short term and long term goals become much more clear and give you a sense of self belief to help you reach your full potential.

D Shutev, Delegate | Dream Big, Live Wise

I rarely find workshop leaders who teach their subject based on firsthand experience. Simon is very passionate about entrepreneurship and the fact that someone at his age is able to run multiple businesses along other activities such as teaching is outstanding. I would definitely recommend Simon J Hill to anyone who needs that kick in life.

W Peach, Delegate | The Right Attitude for Business

I was extremely lucky to have had the support that I required available to me throughout the course. The combination of Simon having vast theoretical knowledge as well as firsthand experience in what was being taught allowed him to explain all aspects clearly so I inevitably understood the work far quicker than expected. His character means that he was easily approachable and all questions asked were explained fully and examples given in order to help improve my understanding.

M Khan, Retail Owner | Business Planning 101

Simon has been of great help to me, he has helped me understand the aspects of business planning, and i would recommend him for coaching to anyone. He is very passionate and is great at explaining things till you understand.

T Wakelin, Delegate | Social Media the Right Way

Simon is an amazing workshop leader in regards to Social Media and how it has shaped our modern day society. Not only does he explain it in such terms that are interesting and relatable but I now feel as I have a deeper understanding on not only how Social Media can aid a business but how it could shape the future also.

I Kler, Delegate | The Right Attitude for Business

Simon Hill helped me and everyday people to realise our weaknesses but ultimately play to our strengths in the business world to improve our confidence. Creative thinking in business was a great exercise for practicing pitching to an audience. He is definitely doing something right.

Sample Talks (1)

Dream Big, Live Wise

This is my fundamental inspiring talk on developing dreams and goals that may seem out of reach, however by employing a number of very simple philosophies reaching big goals is inevitable. By employing personal experience of wanting to own a Lotus Elise by the age of 25, as well as going from being obese to running marathons, triathlons and more; I'm able to empathize with audiences and show that anyone can do it. Get in touch today to see how I can assist you and others you know.



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