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Speaker on emotional resilience and personal robustness... and stress, obviously!





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I'm not a WIKI-speaker (What I know Is..). What I say is based upon research and the evidence of ongoing university research - tried and tested in the real world. You won't get just sob stories and exhortations: you'll get tools for how to handle things.

Tools that have been researched, that have been tested and that have been proved to work.

But that doesn't mean I'm an academic! Honest! I've worked as a performer for years too, and a trainer, so I understand how both entertain and how to make things interesting enough to stick!

I live in Newcastle, UK, with my wife (and two kids when they come back from university). By way of hobbies, I'm into reading, theatre-going and I'm a fairly proficient fire-eater!

Industry Expertise (3)

Corporate Training

Professional Training and Coaching

Business Services

Areas of Expertise (4)

Anxiety Issues

Confidence and Happiness

Emotional Resilience and Emotional Robustness

Stress and Stress Management

Accomplishments (2)

Bamboo and Oak (professional)

Bamboo and Oak is my newest keynote presentation. It's a collection of tools and techniques for 'dealing with the crap' of life! :) It went live in the summer of '11 and within only two months had gained such a reputation that I headlined the Northern HR Briefing - generally considered the be on of the headlines for HR staff in the UK!

The Little Big Voice Book (professional)

My first non-academic book was published quite a while ago now. It's an entry-level book on how to use your voice for people who use their voice professionally... such as teachers, trainers, priests, actors and so on...

Education (1)

University of Newcastle: PhD

My Doctorate use hard-core statistical geographical and statistical analysis to see if we could figure out what it was in the environment which was giving kids leukaemia. We did, largely!

Event Appearances (1)

Bamboo and Oak

Authority redevelopment  South Lakeland


Sample Talks (1)

Bamboo and Oak

A conference keynote presentation on how to stay strong and keep going when everything is against you and everyone thinks you're the bad guy!



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2000 to 3000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee