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Sirkka Jarvenpaa - The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. Austin, TX, US

Sirkka Jarvenpaa Sirkka Jarvenpaa

Professor, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management | The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business


One of the most prolific scholars in the field of information systems.


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Decision Support Systems

Customer Insight

Social Media in Business

Communication Technologies


Sirkka Jarvenpaa holds a dual appointment with McCombs and the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at UT Austin. Her work explores online communities (such as music remix sites like NIN.com), corporate social media platforms, and off-shoring and outsourcing within tech and engineering. She has written for the IBM Center for The Business of Government and has held visiting scholar appointments at Harvard and MIT, among many others.

She is the Director of the Center for Business, Technology, and Law and holds the Bayless/Rauscher Pierce Refsnes Chair in Business Administration. Her research and teaching interests include online activism, open innovation, and the strategic use of information technology.





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Jepson Colloquium: Leadership in Global Services Teams


Education (3)

University of Minnesota: Ph.D., Management Information Systems 1986

University of Minnesota: MBA., Management Information Systems 1982

Bowling Green State University: B.Sc., Business Administration 1981

Media Appearances (1)

Virginia Tech Engineer Defines the Globalization Rubric for Construction

Virginia Tech News  online


Imagine going in for a performance evaluation and the only object in the room is a report saying your work is not up to par. No explanations are provided, and no one is available to you to ask how to improve your efforts.

This feeling of frustration is one many construction companies face in their efforts to go global.

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Articles (10)

External Bridging and Internal Bonding: Unlocking the Generative Resources of Member Time and Attention Spent in Online Communities. MIS Quarterly


Sharing members with other online communities can be problematic for community responsiveness, as less member time and attention become available for the focal community. However, member time and attention spent externally have the potential to generate knowledge that bolsters the focal community’s responsiveness. Little is known about when member time and attention spent externally become such generative resources. ...The study has important implications for advancing the boundary conditions regarding generative resources and online knowledge collaboration.

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Adding Complexity to Theories of Paradox, Tensions, and Dualities of Innovation and Change Organization Studies


Our motivation for this special issue was to shine new light on the challenges and opportunities posed by increasing complexity in the practice and context of organizing. Specifically, we encouraged papers that examine the nature, dynamics, processes, cycles, and management of such paradoxical tensions. The notion that innovation and change involve an intricate set of tensions, competing demands, conflicts, contradictions and dilemmas is well established in the organizational literature

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Digital Action Repertoires and Transforming a Social Movement Organization MIS Quarterly


An emerging research agenda focuses on social media’s influence on political activism. Specific attention has recently been paid to digital social movement organizing and action repertoire development. The literature acknowledges the changing face of activism at the movement level, but little is known about the relationship between social movement organizations (SMOs) and digital action repertoires. ...The empirical findings and the model build new theory on social media and digital activism at the organizational level, complementing the predominant movement level research in the extant literature.

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A Review of Interorganizational Collaboration Dynamics Journal of Management


We find six distinct patterns of interorganizational collaboration (IOC) dynamics varying in complexity from a simple binary loop to multiloop recursive flows. We also find that the more complex dynamic patterns are associated with successful outcomes.

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Creation in Innovation Networks California Management Review


This article focuses on how company participants in heterogeneous industry networks share private knowledge while protecting firm-specific appropriation. We go beyond the prevailing strategic choice perspectives to discuss interactive revealing practices that sustain joint opportunity creation in the fragile phase of early network formation.

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How Do IT Outsourcing Vendors Respond to Shocks in Client Demand? Journal of Information Technology


This multiple case study examined five pairs of relationships between Chinese vendors and their Japanese clients, drawing on resource dependence theory, which considers two response strategies: bridging and buffering. Our findings suggest that both bridging and buffering should be specified further on the basis of their explorative and exploitative dimensions, and that the choice of a particular strategy depended on the power relation between the vendor and client.

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How Finnair Socialized Customers for Service Co-Creation with Social Media MIS Quarterly Executive


Firms are increasingly using social media to establish online communities where customers and other community members co-create new solutions. We describe how Finland's national airline, Finnair, succeeded in co-creating service ideas by using a variety of social media technologies and "socialization tactics" to help ensure that community members identified with the company's image and engaged in dialogs that were aligned with both company and customer needs.

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Boundary Management in Online Communities: The Cases of the Nine Inch Nails and ccMixter Music Sites Long Range Planning


Online communities foster unprecedented creativity, but at the same time they challenge the contemporary organisational boundary literature... Our empirical study involves an exploratory case research design of two established music remix sites: nin.com and ccMixter.org. We report on the community boundaries and their interdependencies, as well as on how the interdependencies are related to the goals and creative content production of online communities. The paper offers new insight into the role of integrative boundary management.

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Consumer Trust in an Internet Store: A Cross‐Cultural Validation Journal of Computer Mediated Communication


Many have speculated that trust plays a critical role in stimulating consumer
purchases over the Internet. Most of the speculations have rallied around US consumers purchasing from US–based online merchants. The global nature of the Internet raises ...

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Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams Journal of Computer Mediated Communication


This paper explores the challenges of creating and maintaining trust in a global virtual team whose members transcend time, space, and culture. The challenges are highlighted by integrating recent literature on work teams, computer-mediated ...

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