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Sona Gala, J.D. - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Sona Gala, J.D.

Clinical Associate Professor of Business Law, College of Business Administration | Loyola Marymount University


Program Coordinator, Business Law Minor | Faculty Advisor, Business Law Society


You can contact Sona Gala at sona.gala@lmu.edu.

Sona Gala is a Clinical Associate Professor of Business Law in the Department of Marketing and Business Law at LMU. She teaches several business law courses including the Legal Environment of Business, Legal Tools for Business Professionals, and Law for the Entrepreneur. Professor Gala is also the Program Coordinator for the Business Law Minor. She has written a number of articles that have been published in both legal and social science journals. Professor Gala is a member of the Executive Board and incoming President for the Pacific South-West Academy of Legal Studies in Business. She is a founding member and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the LMU Family Business & Entrepreneurship Center. Prior to joining the LMU faculty, Professor Gala was a practicing attorney for 19 years. Most recently, she served as an attorney for a leading privately-owned investment company, with a focus on hospitality and food service.

Education (2)

Loyola Law School: J.D. 1999

Loyola Marymount University: B.B.A., Marketing 1996


Areas of Expertise (4)

Small Business



Business Law

Industry Expertise (1)

Legal Services

Articles (5)

Sexual Assault: The Crisis that Blindsided Higher Education

International Journal of Social Science Studies


This paper begins by examining the history of university oversight of sexual assault cases and why sexual assault has become such a problem on college and university campuses. Next the paper will examine existing laws that govern how colleges handle sexual assault cases. Subsequently, this article will discuss the loopholes in existing laws that have allowed institutions of higher learning to not only ignore the problem of sexual assault, but also underreport incidents of sexual assault. Current proposed legislation and administrative actions will be explored that attempt to close these loopholes forcing universities to answer for their failure to handle sexual assault cases properly and revamp their existing policies to better protect victims of sexual assault. Finally, the authors provide potential solutions for what is likely the next big crisis in higher education.

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Being Honest about Tenure in the United States: The Need for Tenure System Reform within Institutions of Higher Education

International Journal of Social Studies


This paper examines whether the tenure system at the university level today is in need of reform. To answer this complex and highly charged question, the authors begin by first tracing the history of tenure, from its inception in Europe to its emergence in the United States. Next, the paper examines the significant role played by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) in defining tenure at the collegiate level today. The article then moves into an analysis of the current state of tenure through the review of key aspects of the university tenure process. The authors conclude with observations and suggestions for potential reform of the tenure system.

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To Wait for the Law to Change or not to Wait, That is the Question: A Guide for Same-Gender Couples and Clergy

International Journal of Social Science Studies


The article begins by examining the current state of the laws governing same-sex relationships at both the federal and state level. Specifically, we will examine two cases that have substantially impacted the landscape of rights for same-sex couples. The paper will then examine four areas of the law where uncertainty for same sex couples lies and the legal agreements that can be effectively utilized to reduce this uncertainty. These areas include: 1) medical/end of life decisions; 2) financial welfare of both parties and distribution of assets upon dissolution of the relationship; 3) distribution of the couple’s property in the event of death; and 4) parental rights. The paper will conclude with recommendations for clergy in counseling same-sex couples prior to performing marriage and commitment ceremonies.

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Critiquing the AAUP Rule: Protecting Professors Against Complaints by Non-Students

Florida International University Law Review


This article examines a Rule adopted by the AAUP that protects Professors from complaints by non-students. The authors argue that the Rule should be eliminated.

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Are Technical Complexities and Media Interference Crippling the Ability of Juries to Deliver Fair Verdicts?

Journal of Law, Business, & Ethics


This article examines whether media and technical complexities are interfering with a jury’s ability to deliver a fair verdict. The authors examine several highly publicized cases and the potential impact media had on jurors in these cases. The authors also examine the issues facing jurors with respect to highly technical and often complex evidence that is often difficult to understand. The authors then make recommendations with respect to what can be done to reduce media bias and simplify technical evidence introduced during trials.