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Sophie Skover - LSS Harmony Coaching. West Palm Beach, FL, US

Sophie Skover Sophie Skover

Author . Coach . Speaker | LSS Harmony Coaching

West Palm Beach, FL, UNITED STATES

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities





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Sophie Skover is the author of The Continuous Appetite, the founder of LSS Harmony Life Coaching, and an inspirational speaker. She became passionate about this "life changing" path after she healed from bulimia and lost seventy-five pounds through the process. Sophie believes that you can heal from anything that comes your way and wrote The Continuous Appetite to help others who struggle with overeating to discover the meaning underneath their cravings and end their emotional overeating.

She works with clients, conducts workshops, practices yoga, and runs every morning with her dog Jack. She currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and encourages us to face our inner life and turn our obstacles into opportunities.

Industry Expertise (1)

Health and Wellness

Areas of Expertise (5)

Ending Bad Food Habits

Stress Management

Organizational Management

Holistic Wellbeing

Work/Life Balance

Accomplishments (1)

Published Author by the age of 30! (personal)


Sophie always wanted to write a book that would help people who severely struggled with food. She said, "if I ever get out of this dark place, I will write a book that shows others how to do the same." That day has come!

Education (1)

Palm Beach Atlantic University: BS in Psychology, Psychology 2006

Testimonials (2)

Jimmy Glenos, Director | MorseLife Learning Institute

"Sophie goes beyond the formality of delivering "just the facts" (though she does that quite well), and interacts with her audience allowing them to reach their own conclusions with subtle nudges and reminders to better guide their choices. She is professional, polished, timely, cordial, approachable, and most definitely a speaker worth every penny."

Kelly White, Nurse Practitioner | 2011 Nurse Practitioner Conference

"Sophie had us on the edge of our seats."

Event Appearances (3)

Ending Your Overeating

Education & Training Committee  Junior League of the Palm Beaches Headquarters


Holistic Wellbeing

2011 Nurse Practioner Conference  Palm Beach Gardens Double Tree Business Center


Getting Organized and Setting Goals

Business for Business Networking  Palm Beach Gardens Double Tree Business Center


Sample Talks (1)

Ending Your Overeating

Ever come home after a long, stressful day and began to stuff your face with food? This is what Sophie calls The Continuous Appetite. This lecture will gives tips on how to stop running to food when life presents a challenge, and helps teach the listener how to understand their cravings and what to do instead of overeat! 4 Bullet Points: -What to do when you find yourself overeating -Three things to grab instead of food -Four Questions to ask yourself when a craving surfaces



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  • Host/MC
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500 to 2000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee