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Spike Jones

General Manager, Strategic Services | Khoros


Word of Mouth Marketing & Brand Ambassador Expert, Social Media Curmudgeon and Published Author



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What it Really Means to Be a Fan - Syracuse University Word of Mouth Crash Course prezo - How to Create a Fan Community




Spike Jones is an entertaining, thought-provoking, status quo challenging communications professional specializing in word of mouth marketing. The career path goes something like this: a decade at Brains on Fire; SVP of the Customer Experience team at Fleishman-Hillard; Group Director, Engagement at WCG; SVP, Managing Director of Digital at Edelman and currently GM for Strategic Services at Khoros.

Spike's background includes contributing strategic development – from insight to creative execution – of online and offline word of mouth programs for companies including: BMW, USAA, AT&T, General Motors, Chevrolet, Dagger Kayaks, Fiskars Brands, Rage Against the Haze (South Carolina’s youth-led anti-tobacco movement) and Best Buy.

Spike also played a significant role in growing Brains on Fire into one the most sought-after and well-respected word of mouth companies in the industry. In addition, he is a co-author of the Brains on Fire Book, published by Wiley in 2010.

He has served on the Board of Directors for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and has presented at private events (Michelin, Biltmore Estates, Marcus Hotels, Susan G Komen Foundation and at national conferences like SocialFresh, the Public Relations Society of America events, GasPedal’s WOM Supergenius Summit and the Association of National Advertiser’s Senior Think Tank Committee.

Labeled “one to watch” from an anonymous answerer to a Net Promoter Survey, Spike is smart, good looking, athletic, persuasive and a rock star inside his own head. He also never passes up a chance to write his own bio.

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Corporate Leadership



Consumer Services

Consumer Goods

Social Media

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Social Media Myths

Igniting Movements

Word of Mouth Marketing

Branding and Identity

Social Media

Building Brand Ambassador Programs

Engaging Brand Advocates

Customer Experience

Accomplishments (3)

Numerous ADDY awards (Regional & National) for marketing/advertising campaigns (professional)

Gold EFFIE Award for Ambassador Program (professional)

WOMMIE Award for Ambassador Program (professional)

Education (2)

Baylor University: BA, Journalism 1995

Baylor University: BA, Environmental Studies 1995

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Testimonials (7)

Kristina Eastham, Communications Manager | MIMA Summit 2012

Spike’s presentation was one of the most exciting, well-presented and inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time, and I say that as someone who was in New York City for Advertising Week last week, at OMMA Global on both coasts this year, South by Southwest Interactive, Social Media Week and more. He was engaging and fun, his presentation full of solid takeaways and his overarching message contrary to reigning “best practices” — but so smart and well-supported I’m happy to call them “better practices.”

Jeff Elder, Reporter for Charlotte Observer |

Spike Jones reminds me a little of Chris Rock — he comes at you all bombast and challenge and interrogation. But like Rock, he makes you think, and surprises you by making you feel.

-Anonymous , From evaluation form |

'Fantastic! … Inspiring! … Awesome!’ were just a few of the enthusiastic comments received from audience members. 4.9 out of 5.0 for ‘Quality of Speaker’? I’m not sure that Bono could have pulled as high of marks.

Cindy Saylor, Project Manager, San Diego Ad Club |

We were lucky enough to have Spike come and speak at the San Diego Ad Club about word of mouth campaigns. It was a totally engaging presentation. Funny, educational and insightful. All delivered in Spike's low key, laid back style. If you want to learn about word of mouth marketing and how to build a sustainable campaign check out Brains on Fire. If you have a need for a speaker on this topic give Spike a call. He really does light your brain on fire (no pun intended, sorry for the redundancy :)) and his power point is anything but boring! Thanks again for coming Spike!

Anonymous, From evaluation form |

You did an awesome job, and brought exactly the message and impact to the event that we were hoping for. Your message was inspiring and energizing to me personally, and no doubt to all

Anonymous, From evaluation form |

People have been buzzing about his session all day.

RM, Corporate VP | AMD

You freaking KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!! Your presentation was absolutely right on target and awesome. There was endless chatter about your message and people loved your presentation style and just pure flavor! I was thoroughly impressed with the cohesive nature and absolutely smooth flow of your presentation and I can't thank you enough for bringing your talent, energy and plain cool to the summit.

Event Appearances (19)

Word of Mouth Marketing and Why It's More Powerful Than Social Media

Association of National Advertisers - Senior Think Tank Committee  NYC

Igniting Word of Mouth Movements

Bright Ideas Conference  Albany, NY

Engaging and Creating Yours Fans - Online and Off

Missouri Governor's Conference on Tourism  Kansas City, Missouri

Linguistic Mythbusting: The Fake Language of the Web

SXSW Interactive 2011  Austin, TX

The Do's and Don'ts of Real Life Brand Ambassador Programs

2011 Canadian Marketing Association National Convention   Toronto, Ontario


Word of Mouth vs. Social Media - Who's Social's Daddy?

Inc. Magazine’s BizNet Promotion Commotion  NYC

How to Create Fan Community

Gaspedal's Word of MOuth Supergenius  NYC


Igniting Word of Mouth Movements - 10 Lessons Learned

Rubbermaid private event  Charlotte, NC

Engaging Your Associates with the Latest in Social Business

Leading Real Estate Compaines of the World 2011 Annual Conference  Orlando, FL


Igniting Word of Mouth Movements - 10 Lessons Learned

Unilever - Private Event  Toronto, Ontario

Word of Mouth Innovation and Thought Leadership

AMPLIFY: AMP's 3rd Innovation and Thought Leadership Festival  Sydney, Australia


Igniting Word of Mouth Movements - 10 Lessons Learned

Susan G. Komen Foundation - Private Event  Dallas, TX

Amp it Up: How to Build Word of Mouth Movements and Mobilize Your Brand Ambassadors

National Smart Start Conference  Greensboro, NC


Igniting Word of Mouth Movements - 10 Lessons Learned

Michelin - Private Event  Greenville, SC

Igniting Word of Mouth Movements

OTA Sessions  Siouz Falls, ND

Igniting Word of Mouth Movements - 10 Lessons Learned

Direct Selling Association National Conference  Las Vegas, NV

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Association of National Advertisers  Houston, TX


Who's Social Media's Daddy?

MIMA Summit 2012  Minneapolis, MN


Word of MOuth: Your Ultimate Distribution Channel

SocialFresh East  Tampa, FL


Sample Talks (3)

Who's Social Media's Daddy?

It's word of mouth. And it's the grandaddy of all things social media. In this talk, we'll begin to demystify social media and the deluge of false information being thrown at us on a daily basis. Like what influence REALLY is. Or the true definition of community. Or if people really want to be friends with brands. But the audience will also walk away with items they can use to begin to build or enhance their existing marketing programs for long-term success.

Why Branding is Still King

Content is king. Engagement is king. Social media is king. Wrong. Branding still rules all. And we're going to go far beyond logo marks and color systems. Brands are identities - who you are and what you stand for. And people engage with you for two basic reasons: solve my problem and make me feel good about my purchase. We'll explore the true meaning of what a brand should be in this new day and age. Some things haven't changed. Others? You better believe it.

How to Create a Word of Mouth Ambassador Program

The best advertising happens when other people sing your praises to their friends and family. And ambassador/advocacy programs are a great way to ignite excitement and conversation around your brand. They aren't loyalty programs and they aren't couponing programs. After all, an ambassador is a messenger of goodwill. In this engaging, humorous talk, we'll explore real life examples of what works and what doesn't. And no, it's not all about social media, either!



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