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Stacey Havlik, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Stacey Havlik, PhD

Associate Professor of Education & Counseling | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Villanova University


Stacey Havlik, PhD, is an expert in school counseling, homeless children and youths, and first-generation college students.

Areas of Expertise (3)

First -Generation College Students

School Counseling

Homeless children and youths


School counselors play a vital frontline role in a student’s educational experience. Building and maintaining trusting relationships, they keep a close eye on their students’ personal-social development as well as their academic achievement in order that students stay balanced and motivated to aspire to higher education. Having worked as a middle school counselor, Havlik is intimately acquainted with the increasingly extensive demands placed on those that perform this role. The focus of her research is on how school counselors can guide and assist homeless children and youth as well as first-generation college students to successful educational careers.

Education (3)

University of Maryland at College Park: PhD

Rutgers University: B.A.

The College of William and Mary: M.Ed.

Affiliations (8)

  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
  • American Counseling Association
  • American School Counselor Association
  • Chi Sigma Iota, Alpha Delta Chapter
  • North Atlantic Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
  • Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development
  • The National Career Development Association
  • Pennsylvania Counseling Association

Select Media Appearances (5)

Villanova University researchers study ways to help first-generation college students

Montco Today  


Researchers Stacey Havlik and Krista Malott of Villanova University have been studying the region’s first-generation college students to try to find ways to make the freshman year easier, writes Jennifer Lynn for WHYY. They found that the process of setting up first-generation college students for success starts long before they step foot on campus. As part of their research, the two partnered with a local school and ran an eight-week program aimed at building college self-efficacy for first-generation students. “By the end of the group, almost all of our students said that they felt like now they were more prepared,” said Havlik.

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Can Jeff Bezos help the homeless? 4 essential reads

The Conversation  online


Tonight, some 554,000 people in the U.S. will be homeless. Many of them live on the West Coast, where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is launching a new fund that plans to fight the problem … Research from Stacey Havlik at Villanova University shows “that school counselors often lack knowledge about students who are homeless, and have limited training to support their needs.” These students may need not only basic support like food and clothing, but extra attention to their mental health and planning for the future.

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Villanova researchers help first-gen students trailblaze into freshman year

WHYY 90.9 FM (Philadelphia NPR Affiliate)  radio


Transitioning from high school to college can be very exciting, yet daunting, for any student, but data indicate it can be especially challenging for first-generation college students who will lead the way for their families in navigating the world of higher education. Two researchers at Villanova University have been studying first-generation students in this region. Setting up first-generation students for success begins before they step foot on campus, say researchers Stacey Havlik and Krista Malott. Morning Edition host Jennifer Lynn sat down with them to find out more about what they’ve discovered.

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Homeless Students May Be Hiding in Plain Sight

The Academic Minute, WAMC Radio  radio


Homeless students may be hiding in plain sight. Stacey Havlik, assistant professor in the department of education and counseling at Villanova University, explores how schools can support such students in their time of need. Stacey A. Havlik, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in Villanova University’s Department of Education and Counseling. Her primary areas of expertise include school counseling, homeless children and youths, as well as first-generation college students. As a former middle school counselor she has lived experience in understanding the challenges both homeless students and the school counselors that support them face. Her research focuses on the dilemmas these two groups confront in working together to access equitable educational services including college and career counseling.

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The hidden homelessness among America’s high school students

The Conversation  online


By Stacey Havlik, Assistant Professor of Education and Counseling, Villanova University One in 30. That’s what a new first-of-its-kind study found was the number of students ages 13 to 17 who have experienced homelessness in the past year. The figure represents about 700,000 young people nationwide. When a student is homeless in high school, it can cause high levels of stress and anxiety. While other students are able to focus on getting good grades and planning for college, students who are homeless often worry about basic necessities, such as food, clothing, and shelter. In order to turn things around and help homeless students succeed and have a decent shot at college, school counselors should be seen as our first line of support. I say that based on years of experience as a researcher who has focused on the critical role that school counselors play in helping low-income and first-generation college students make it to college.

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Research Grants (4)

American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division E Small Research Grant

American Educational Research Association 

2018: External Grant titled, “Preparing Students Experiencing for College.”

"School Counselors' Roles in Supporting the College Development of Students Experiencing Homelessness"

National Center for Homeless Education, Department of Education 

2017 Research Summary

"Inegrating a Flipped Classroom, Simulation-Based Teaching Model into an Introductory School Counseling ourse"

Villanova University VITAL Mini-grnt 


Association for Children and Adolescent Counseling

Association for Children and Adolescent Counseling 

2017 Research Grant

Select Academic Articles (4)

First-generation college-goers persisting at one predominantly White institution.

Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory, & Practice

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Exploring the roles of homeless liaisons and their work with school counselors.

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School counselors’ roles and responsibilities working with children and youth experiencing homelessness

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