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Stacy Roberts, DBA - Augusta University. Augusta, GA, US

Stacy Roberts, DBA

Lecturer | Augusta University


Stacy Roberts is an expert in salesmanship, sales marketing, principles of management, organizational behavior, and human resources.





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Stacey Roberts on supporting Black-owned businesses | Augusta University News


Who are you celebrating for graduation? ? Mental health resources + supporting Black businesses



Dr. Stacy Roberts is a Lecturer of Management at the Hull College of Business. She earned her MBA in human resources from Liberty University in 2015 and completed her Doctor of Business Administration in Human Resources from Liberty University in May of 2021. Professor Roberts teaches courses related to salesmanship and sales marketing, principles of management, organizational behavior, and human resources.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Principles of Management

Organizational Behavior

Human Resources


Salesmanship and Sales Marketing

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  • SMR Leadership Solutions LLC

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Stacy Roberts of the Hull College of Business, Teaching Students to Market Themselves

Augusta CEO  online


Management and Marketing Lecturer at the James M. Hull College of Business at Augusta University Stacy Roberts talks about the importance of teaching students how to market themselves and how it will impact their career...

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Stacy Roberts of the Hull College of Business, Need for Community Partners

Augusta CEO  online


Management and Marketing Director at the James M. Hull College of Business at Augusta University Stacy Roberts talks about the Salesmanship Class and why you should consider partnering with the Hull College of Business...

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Succeeding in a Hybrid Workforce

WJBF  online


Stacy Roberts from the Hull College of Business at Augusta University explains the keys to communication in this new hybrid workforce and how to be successful while being apart...

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New faculty spotlight: Stacy Roberts

Hull News  online


The Hull College of Business welcomed Stacy Roberts as a new full-time Lecturer in management and marketing for the 2020-2021 academic year...

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How to shop at Black-owned businesses over the holidays

CBS News  


As Americans gear up for the holidays, social media campaigns are urging customers to spend money at Black-owned companies to help offset the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus. Although the pandemic is slamming business owners of all creeds and colors, Black firms have been hit particularly hard. More than 440,000 Black-owned establishments have closed shop for good this year, and more are expected to follow suit. Supporting Black businesses amounts to a three-step process — all of which can be done from the comfort and safety of home: Find a company, make a purchase, then post a review.

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Local entrepreneur hosts first ever networking event to help inspire other female business owners

WRDW  tv


A former recipient of business support through the Comcast Rise program hosted a networking event to help women gain business resources. The goal of both programs is helping female entrepreneurs get started in the business world, and help them overcome challenges female business owners face when starting. Stacy Roberts, a lecturer of Management and Marketing at Augusta University’s Hull College of Business, said women entrepreneurs do face challenges when it comes to funding, networking, and balancing work and life, but a little help goes a long way. “We all face the same things such as capital, balance, just trying to get in the mindset and get the resources to start a business,” said Roberts.

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Pipe dream: In male-dominated field, Georgia woman grows plumbing business

Augusta Chronicle  print


Even though she owns her own company, Pamela Barrett doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty with her employees – including her husband, John. When you own a plumbing company, dirty work is unavoidable. “We’ve changed out toilets together, put in a 250-foot gas line together, we’ve put in water heaters together, garbage disposals,” she said. “I’ve done the grunt work. I’ve smelled the smells. I’ve seen the yuck.”

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Perking up: Employers lure new hires with out-of-the-box benefits

Augusta Chronicle  print


Competitive pay and strong health insurance aren’t the only enticements that employers offer job applicants. Even a brisket might seal the deal. Like many businesses in the Augusta area, FPL Food on New Savannah Road is hiring. But in addition to offering more ordinary perks such as 401(k) matching, one of the largest fresh-beef processors in the Southeast also offers “discounted meat purchases for all employees.”

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How do they do it? Small business experts share secrets of success

Augusta Chronicle  print


Pat Curry planned on devoting a whole day to baking muffins for Buona Caffe, the small Augusta coffee business she and her husband, John, started almost 10 years ago. But she also had to help a barista with improving her latte foam art. And help recalibrate one of the grinders that was pouring shots too fast. And schedule workers to clean their grease traps. “Things that big chains don’t think too much about because corporate is taking care of that,” she said. “Well, we are corporate.” Buona Caffe is a survivor. About 20% of all small businesses fail within their first year of operation, and almost 50% go under within the first five years. Stacy Roberts, a lecturer in management in Augusta University’s Hull College of Business, cited local baker BabyCakes as an example of quickly putting ideas into motion. Owner Tiara Fluellen started her business by making just cupcakes, but has since expanded from a simple bakery to a full-blown café with full-sized cakes, puddings and other freshly made sweets in a variety of unique flavors.

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