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Stan Crowder, Ph.D. - Kennesaw State University. Kennesaw, GA, US

Stan Crowder, Ph.D. Stan Crowder, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice | Kennesaw State University


Stan Crowder is a retired U.S. Army Military Police Colonel and teaches in the Criminal Justice Program at Kennesaw State University



Stan Crowder, Ph.D. Publication Stan Crowder, Ph.D. Publication Stan Crowder, Ph.D. Publication






Stan Crowder is a retired U.S. Army Military Police Colonel. During his military career, Crowder served in numerous positions including: MP Commander, Chief of Investigations for the Inspector General of Georgia, Counterdrug Commander, Battalion Commander, and Chief of Personnel. He served seven years as a civilian police officer, five years with Cobb County (GA) Police Department and two years with Marietta (GA) Police Department. Crowder has been teaching since 1999 and was selected as the 2007 recipient of the Betty Siegel teaching award. He is the president of the International Association of Forensic Criminologists and the past president of the Cobb County Law Enforcement Association. He has written three textbooks with Brent Turvey: Ethical Justice: Applied Issues for Criminal Justice Students and Professionals, Anabolic Steroid Abuse in Public Safety Personnel, and Forensic Investigations: An Introduction published by Elsevier. He also has contributed chapters to other textbooks, and published articles on teaching and criminal profiling.

Industry Expertise (3)

Education/Learning Law Enforcement Military

Areas of Expertise (4)

Criminal Justice Serial Offenders Forensic Linguistics Behavioral Profiling

Accomplishments (1)

Betty Siegel Teaching Award (professional)

2007 recipient

Education (3)

Union Institute: Ph.D., Criminal Justice 1998

Brenau University: MBA, Business Administration 1990

Brenau University: Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice 1985

Affiliations (1)

  • International Association of Forensic Criminologists : President

Media Appearances (3)

Officer interviews in steroid case didn't top half-hour

Augusta Chronicle  print


The results of the investigation didn’t surprise Stan Crowder, a criminal justice professor at Kennesaw State Uni­ver­sity and a retired military and Cobb County law enforcement officer. He pointed to a similar investigation of law enforcement officers and firefighters in Cobb County that turned up no evidence of steroid use even though a firefighter testified under oath that 95 percent
were using, Crowder said.

Crowder said that steroid use is rampant in law enforcement agencies and that generally either the leadership doesn’t know or steroid use is tolerated.

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Profiler, doctor analyze Harris

Marietta Daily Journal  print


More than a month after the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris shocked Marietta and the nation, Cobb police continue to investigate his father after charging him with murder.

A local psychologist and criminal profiler agree police will be looking at Justin Ross Harris’ habits, his testimonies and the evidence he left to determine who Harris was before he was arrested June 18.

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Profile of a Teen Rampage

Marietta Daily Journal  


Stan Crowder, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Kennesaw State University, has researched mass shooters and teaches a class about how to profile potentially lethal employees. He said Kramer likely was dealing with issues like anger and rage.

“The motive behind most workplace violence incidents revolves around what’s called an angerretaliatory behavior that’s evidenced by crime scenes or crimes that reveal a great deal of rage toward a person, group or institution. Or, in this case, maybe the symbol of the company,” he said.

Crowder’s opinion is that mass shooters don’t just “snap,” pointing out the difference between momentary anger and pentup rage. He noted there usually is careful planning and that shooters usually “dress for the event.” In Kramer’s case, it was his reported “Rambo”style camouflage and the Molotov cocktails.

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Event Appearances (3)

Early Warning System Policy and Procedures, Cops Gone Bad, and Anabolic Steroid Abuse in Public Safety

Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition  Forsyth, GA


Detecting Deception

Georgia Coroners Association  Macon, GA


Cops Gone Bad

Criminal Justice Association of Georgia annual conference  Georgia


Recent Papers (2)

Hypothesis, Homology, and Heuristic: What the H. International Journal of Arts and Sciences


The literature associated with criminal justice and criminology is suffused with overly-involved terms meant to disclose important concepts and relationships. Experience has revealed a dependable truth about the use of language in teaching: the burden of illumination is on the educator. Put simply, it is often necessary to translate the language of scholarship into the vernacular, or jargon, of the learner. The best approach, because of its accessibility to students of criminal justice, is to link a concept with a specific

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Using a Cold Homicide Case to Teach Criminal Profiling. International Journal of Learning


This paper provides an introduction to the techniques used to teach Criminal Profiling and Analysis utilizing a unsolved sexual homicide case from the files of a local police department. The application of the ACETS model developed by Abaidoo and ...

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