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Stan Walters - Truth & Decption, Inc. Versailles, KY, US

Stan Walters

President / CEO | Truth & Decption, Inc


Bottom Line - What is the Cost of NOT Knowing the Truth?



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Known as “The Lie Guy®”, Stan has spent more than 30 years studying and researching the science of interview and interrogation - much to the dismay of his two daughters as well as all their perspective boyfriends!

President of Truth & Deception, Inc,. Stan works with agencies and organizations that need to educate their people on how to conduct professional integrity interviews and uncover the real story.

As a keynote / motivational speaker, author, trainer, consultant, researcher, media guest and still an interrogator, Stan has carried his passion for finding the truth worldwide including Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

Stan is fiercely committed to preparing every investigative interviewer responsible for finding the truth to be proficient at getting information from anyone using modern professional and ethical interviewing methods that insure justice for crime victims, protects the rights of offenders and delivers the time sensitive critical intelligence information that can literally save hundreds of lives.

The son of a Southern Baptist minister, Stan has witnessed some legendary platform performances. Personally logging more than 250,000 hours presenting from the platform, Stan has honed and polished his speaking skills and he is literally the epitome of an highly experienced speaking professional. Stan has earned the National Speakers Association designation of Certified Speaking Professional.

Stan calls on his vast experience as an investigative interviewer, his video library of 1200+ inmate interviews in 27 different prisons, and in depth knowledge of human behavior to provide amazing insight even into today’s headlines. Stan’s speaking style and presentation skills inspires the new interviewer, revitalizes the veteran, and raises the dedication of everyone in the audience to doggedly search for the truth.

Government and military intelligence agents and special forces trust Stan to prepare them for the task of getting to the truth. Law enforcement agencies use Stan’s principles to assist crime victims and reduce the risk of false confessions. Private corporations and institutions use Stan to educate their employees on proper interviewing techniques because they know for their bottom line, there is a cost to not knowing the truth.

Stan’s has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC, Australia Today and profiled twice on National Geographic Channel.

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Training and Development

Social Services

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Public Safety

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Law Enforcement


Areas of Expertise (1)

Investigative Interviewing

Accomplishments (2)

Certified Speaking Professional (professional)

Received earned designation as Certified Speaking Professional from National Speakers Association

Certified Speaking Professional - National Speakers Association (professional)


Earned professional designation given by National Speakers Association.

Education (2)

University of Louisville: B.S., Sociology - Criminology 1975

Eastern Kentucky University: M.S., Criminal Justice Administration 1982

Affiliations (2)

  • National Speakers Association
  • American Polygraph Association

Testimonials (9)

Kevin R. Wolfe , Director - Loss Prevention | Big Lots!

His ability to cater and construct a program that was unique and well defined for Big Lots, drew a tremendous response from all our attendees… Kevin R. Wolfe Big Lots! Loss Prevention

Eric Sifford, CW2 Military Intelligence | 1st Armored Division, US Army

Despite the passage of almost a year since my Soldiers attended [class], I still hear them refer to lessons they learned from him and they are currently applying his lessons across three Iraqi Provinces.

Jonathan R. Sherrod , Lt. Training Academy | Lexington Division of Police (Kentucky)

I am tasked with bringing in quality classes for our officers and with Mr. Walters experience and expertise in this field, this is one of the best classes I have ever seen.

Dan Baxter, Polygraph Technical Director | National Security Agency

Mr. Walters was extremely well prepared and his presentation exhibited a dynamism rarely found in a training environment. His knowledge base is extremely high and his enthusiasm radiated throughout the entire training session.

Dr. Gary Maddox, Director - Law Enforcement Training Institute | University of Missouri School of Law

Stan has proven himself to be one of the most dynamic as well as prolific speakers we have ever had the good fortune to retain.

Gord Bryant, Sr. Investigator - Special Investigations Unit | Service - Alberta, Canada

[T]hank you for your efforts in providing unsurpassed training in an area of critical importance to investigators searching fro the truth.

Lisa LaBruno, Vice-President, Loss Prevention & Legal Affairs | Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

We were very fortunate to have Stan Walters present at RILA’s annual retail Loss Prevention, Auditing & Safety Conference 2010. His presentation entitled, “Effective Kinesic Interviewing Techniques: What is the Cost of Not Knowing the Truth?” was compelling. The content was thorough, relevant and timely and his delivery captivated the audience. Stan has a unique ability to educate, engage and entertain his audience all at the same time. It was not surprising that Stan’s presentation was rated one of the best sessions by our conference attendees.

Teresa Woods, Sr. Vice President | Youth Market - American Heart Association

Last year in the Great Rivers Affiliate, over $2 million was lost of potential revenue was lost due to "failure to launch" as commitment from of volunteers were not fulfilled. In addition the investment of American Heart Association in staff time and resources servicing these accounts was significant. By walking our Youth Marketing Staff through the four stages of successful interviewing, we are now more aware of the appropriate responses that will strengthen our volunteer relationships. In addition the "Class R" tools for commitment were extremely helpful and provided our staff with specific steps to gain solid buy-in from our volunteers.

TImothy J. McClure, Director - Indiana Medicaid Fraud Control Unit | Office of Indiana Attorney General

We recently asked Stan to lecture before a group of Elder Abuse Investigators that represented the Indiana Office of the Attorney General and the State's Adult Protective Services group. Not only was Stan's presentation extremely informative for our investigators, he also took the time to tailor his presentation to our group's specific job functions. The only complaint we had was that we didn't get to spend as much time with Stan as we would have liked. Stan is an excellent and entertaining speaker. His science-based topics are a must for any investigator who interviews victims, witnesses, and/or suspects.

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Multiple topics on critical interviewing skills for 30+ years  worldwide


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The Truth About Lying: Facts, Fiction & Fantasy

The tools needed to help prevent us from being the victim's of deception.



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  • Corporate Training


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