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Stefanie Ferreri, Pharm.D. - UNC-Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill, NC, US

Stefanie Ferreri, Pharm.D. Stefanie Ferreri, Pharm.D.

Professor, Division of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education, Eshelman School of Pharmacy | UNC-Chapel Hill


Through her research, Stefanie Ferreri hopes to change the way community practice is portrayed and delivered in the United States.





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Stefanie Ferreri, Pharm.D., is a professor in the Division of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Her main research interests include advancing clinical practice in the community-pharmacy setting. Through her research, she hopes to change the way community practice is portrayed and delivered to the population of the United States while influencing reimbursement strategies that affect health policy. Her other teaching and research interests include nonprescription therapeutics, medication therapy management and transitions of care.

Ferreri served as director of the community pharmacy residency program from 2004 to 2015. Prior to that she served as a residency preceptor for the program. Since 2001, she has supervised and mentored more than 80 community pharmacy residents in the program. The purpose of the community pharmacy residency program is to prepare pharmacists to guide the profession as innovative clinical practitioners with the skills, confidence and experience necessary to create change and advance patient-care services in community pharmacy practice.

Based on her residency leadership, Ferreri has developed two additional postgraduate learning opportunities. The first is the Community Pharmacy Research Fellowship. This two-year fellowship trains graduates for research careers in academia. The second is the Independent Ownership Residency. This one-year residency trains future independent owners.

Industry Expertise (3)



Health Care - Services

Areas of Expertise (12)

Older Adults

Community Pharmacy

Nonprescription Medications

Health Care Policy

University Teaching

Community Health

Public Health

Patient Safety

Medication Therapy Management

Clinical Research

Over-the-counter Drugs

Patient Education

Accomplishments (4)

Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management Presentation Merit Award (professional)


Awarded by the American Pharmacists Association.

Community Pharmacy Residency Excellence in Precepting Award (professional)


Awarded by the American Pharmacists Association.

Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year (professional)


Awarded by the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists.

Academic Excellence Award in Research (professional)


Awarded by the University of North Carolina School of Pharmacy.

Education (2)

Campbell University: Pharm.D., Pharmacy 1998

University of Connecticut: B.S., Pharmacy 1997

Affiliations (8)

  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • American College of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Self-Care Institute
  • Nonprescription Medication Academy
  • American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  • National Fiber Council
  • American Pharmacists Association
  • American Diabetes Association

Media Appearances (8)

The Ultimate Pharmacy Guide to Offering Value-Based Patient Care

Elements Magazine  online


“As health care starts to evolve, we’re going to have to keep up with it,” said Stefanie Ferreri, Pharm.D., Clinical Professor in the Division of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. “Community pharmacies need to be creative in keeping their business doors open and looking for ways to have different models of reimbursement and different models for compensation.” Led by Ferreri, a research team created a comprehensive guide for community pharmacies to develop a patient care management program.

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UNC professor: It's 'plausible' too much cold medicine caused Raleigh man to kill his wife

ABC11  tv


"Dextromethorphan, which is a cough suppressant, typically helps people sleep at night when they have a common cold, when they are coughing," said Ferreri. "And typically that is the medication that has been notorious for causing hallucinations or euphoria or agitation if taken in too high of doses." And while she said she's never heard of the level of violence involved in the Raleigh murder, she thinks the husband's claim is at least plausible.

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Update Your First Aid Kit

AARP Magazine  online


"Always wash a bite and remove the stinger before applying a product, to prevent infection," says pharmacist Stefanie Ferreri, a professor in the school of pharmacy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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Common Food And Drug Combinations To Avoid

Men's Journal  online


When we’re prescribed a medication, we assume that we’ll take it, and then get better. Often it doesn’t work like that. So much interacts with medicine that we rarely think about — and we’re not just talking about alcohol. There are a number of foods that can get in the way of how a pharmaceutical drug operates. Here are common foods that can interact with the medicine you take, and when to know whether you should dial back on them, or cut them out completely.

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Pharmacists Get New Duties, Business With New Law

North Carolina Health News  online


“The public’s perception of a pharmacist is tied to the product – the compounding, the filling of prescriptions,” said Stefanie Ferreri, clinical associate professor at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in Chapel Hill. “But we are turning into a more service-focused profession. We are getting more involved in public health.”

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A costly surprise for Cornerstone Therapeutics

Triangle Business Journal  


The drug is not cheap; two ounces of the liquid medicine costs $58, says Stefanie Ferreri, a professor of pharmacy at UNC's Eshelman School ...

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6 ways to cut drug costs

Chicago Tribune  


Stefanie Ferreri and Jena Ivey, both practicing pharmacists and clinical assistant professors at the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy, offer the following tips ...

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Which Drugs Do — And Don’t — Increase Fall Risks for the Elderly

The Wall Street Journal  


Stefanie Ferreri, a UNC pharmacist working on the study, gave us a few pointers on some common problems ...

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Event Appearances (5)

Recent Evidence Regarding Safe and Effective Use of OTC Products

APhA Annual Meeting  San Diego, CA


Medication Management in Ambulatory Practice Settings

ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting  Anaheim, CA


Combatting the Dr. Oz Effect: Teaching Critical Thinking in Self-Care

AACP Annual Meeting  Grapevine, TX


Safety and Efficacy of Commonly Used Diabetes Supplements

American Diabetes Association Advanced Postgraduate Course  San Francisco, CA


Nonprescription Medications & Dietary Supplements in Patients with Diabetes

American Diabetes Association Clinical Conference on Diabetes  Orlando, FL


Articles (5)

A Model to Inform Community Pharmacy’s Collaboration in Outpatient Care

Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

2015 An in-depth look into how community pharmacy can participate in the outpatient care team is described. To function as a team, it is crucial to address collaboration among outpatient practices, while making it easier for patients to navigate the outpatient health system.

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Expansion of pharmacogenomics into the community pharmacy: billing considerations


More than 135 medications in the US describe a pharmacogenomic relationship in drug response or drug safety on their package inserts. Many of these medications are used in the outpatient setting and are filled at community pharmacies, but less than a quarter include pharmacogenetic information in the patient-oriented sections of their drug labels

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Implementation of a Pharmacogenomics Service in a Community Pharmacy

Journal of The American Pharmacists Association

2014 Objective: To determine the feasibility of implementing a pharmacogenomics service in a community pharmacy.

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Evolution of Self-Care Education.

The American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

2014 Given that faculty members train future pharmacists, they should be familiar with the new paradigms of Nonprescription Safe Use Regulatory Expansion (NSURE) Initiative, nonprescription medications for chronic diseases, and the growing trends of health and wellness in advancing patient-care initiatives. This paper reviews the significant changes that may be impacting self-care curriculums in the United States.

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Individualized Dosing of Children’s Liquid Medications in the Community Setting: A Survey of Parents and Guardians

Innovations in Pharmacy

2013 Objectives: 1) To determine parents’ and/or guardians’ interest in having pharmacists provide children’s liquid medications in a premeasured, individualized dosing device 2) To assess parents’ and/or guardians’ perception of dosing liquid medications for a child.

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