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Stephen J. Andriole, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Stephen J. Andriole, PhD

Professor of Business Technology | Villanova School of Business | Villanova University


Stephen J. Andriole, PhD, is an expert in emerging technologies and business technology strategy



Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Publication Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Publication Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Publication Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Publication Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Publication Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Publication Stephen J. Andriole, PhD Publication




Villanova Executive MBA Q&A Series with Professor Steve Andriole



Areas of Expertise (12)

Emerging Technology Trends Technology Adoption Virtual & Augmented Reality Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Social Media Analytics Internet-of-Things Technology Start-Ups Business Technology Strategy Innovation & Entrepreneurialism Technology Organization, Structure & Governance Facebook Twitter


Dr. Steve Andriole is a go-to media source for all things related to the future of technology and business. He teaches strategic technology, innovation and entrepreneurialism at Villanova School of Business and his areas of expertise include cloud computing, social media, emerging technology trends, virtual and augmented reality, and business technology strategy. Dr. Andriole also serves as an industry and government consultant on all aspects of digital technology and can speak in-depth about the development, application and management of information technology, as well as digital transformation and the adoption of emerging technologies. He is former Director of Cybernetics Technology at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and founded and co-founded several technology companies.

Dr. Andriole is a prolific author and has published 35 books and more than 500 articles, monographs, reports and book chapters. Dr. Andriole frequently presents the results of his research at academic and industry conferences and symposia; he also frequently speaks at corporate events, off-sites and strategic planning sessions on technology management, technology trends and digital transformation.

Education (3)

University of Maryland: PhD

University of Maryland: MA

LaSalle University: BS

Select Accomplishments (6)

Villanova School of Business Teaching Research Award (professional)


Thomas G. Labrecque Endowed Professorship at Villanova School of Business (professional)


Meritorious Civilian Service Award (professional)

US Department of Defense

Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Information Technology (professional)

Information Technology Exhibitions & Conferences (ITEC)

#4 Best Book of 2011 (professional)

By IT-Business by CIO Insight Magazine

Honorary Doctorate (professional)

LaSalle University

Affiliations (2)

  • Founder & Managing Director, TechVestCo
  • Research Fellow, The Cutter Consortium

Select Media Appearances (6)

Facebook's Zuckerberg Quietly Drops Another Privacy Bomb - Facial Recognition



No one asked Mark Zuckerberg about facial recognition when he visited the US Congress on April 10. He offered it as part of his response to questions about privacy when he said Facebook users should give “affirmative consent”when it comes to “technologies like facial recognition.”

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Fighting iPhone Addiction Among Kids: Is It Apple’s Responsibility?

CBS Philadelphia  tv


Dr. Stephen Andriole, a business technology professor at Villanova University, says that while parents should monitor their child’s usage, enhanced software would help. And since government regulation takes time, encourages Silicon Valley to take a proactive approach.

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Dating app Bumble to launch women-centric networking app in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Inquirer  online


The launch of Bumble Bizz is coming at an opportune time - with growing awareness of women's issues in the workplace, and ongoing problems with compensation inequality and health benefits coverages now receiving renewed attention, according to Stephen Andriole, professor of business, accountancy and information systems in the Villanova School of Business. Pennsylvania ranks low in the United States in terms of women's economic and social well-being, according to a study by WalletHub. Bumble Bizz can boost the rankings by "connecting more women to an otherwise healthy economic climate within and beyond Philadelphia," Andriole said.

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Seeking Virtues in Virtual Reality Stocks

U.S. News & World Report  online


"Except for Google Cardboard (GOOG, GOOGL), it's way too expensive – today," says Steve Andriole, a business technology professor at Villanova School of Business in the Philadelphia area. "But within a few years, VR will be as affordable as smartphones, or cheaper. We can expect VR headgear to dramatically shrink in size and price, and eventually be embedded in fashion eyewear."

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10 Constraints that Kill CIOs

Forbes  online


Sometimes Chief Information Officers (CIOs) just manage the plumbing. Sometimes they just manage vendors. Sometimes they’re expected to innovate. Sometimes they’re overwhelmed by digital security problems. With so many responsibilities, it’s very difficult for them to succeed. At the very least, they argue with themselves about who they are and what they should be doing, as their agendas change based on internal and external events they seldom control.

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Oh Snap! Silicon Valley school makes $24M off of investment

Associated Press  online


Chiu and other educators say they know of no other school with a similar fundraising scheme. Few, if any other schools, have that sort of advantage, said Stephen Andriole, a professor of business, accountancy and information systems at the Villanova School of Business in Pennsylvania. “The only way to do this is through a personal relationship,” he said. “The probability of success is quite low.”

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Select Academic Articles (6)

The Death of Big Software Communications of the ACM

Stephen J. Andriole


5 Myths of Digital Transformation MIT Sloan Management Review

Stephen J. Andriole


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Must-Have Technology Capabilities for Digital Transformation European Business Review

Stephen J. Andriole


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Traveling Technology Governance IEEE IT Professional

Stephen J. Andriole


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Who Owns IT? Communications of the ACM

Stephen J. Andriole


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Ready Technology: Fast-Tracking New Business Technologies, Communications of the ACM

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