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Steve Beseke Steve Beseke

Lennick Aberman Group

Minneapolis, MN, UNITED STATES

Learning to Tap into Your Resiliency Key to Being More Productive/Happy at Work and Life...



Steve, who is an award-winning speaker, has presented to more than 100 corporations and other groups about the strategic value your resiliency has to productivity, efficiency and increasing the bottom line. Resiliency strategies such as his 3 Ps - perseverance, persistence and patience - can help you get the job done faster with less stress and a more rewarding experience. He also talks about resilient keys like focusing on strengths, adapting, attitude and finding common ground at work.

As as person with a lifelong physical disability (Cerebral Palsy), Steve knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges. He also talks with colleges, high school and junior highs about anti bullying programming.curriculum he has created to help stop the hurt. Contact him at 651-341-9826.

His award nominated resiliency web site - - also has had nearly 4 million visitors since 2009. He now is partnering with the global leader in programming for leadership excellence and behavioral advice - Lennick Aberman Group (

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