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The best way to handle fear is to simply enjoy the journey it will be taking you on ~



Steve Dorsey was featured on Oprah’s Life Class Tour three times. He had a remarkable Breakthrough in Life after struggling with Addictions for years. He turned his life around not once but twice. The second time he found himself at a place in Life where he had been Sober for a number of years and was stuck in Life.
He had no motivation, no desires for life and considered going back to drinking after so many years of being sober. He had a PAIN within him that was so bad he considered life to be so hopeless and in so many ways he just wanted to die and just get it over with.
He discovered he had a New Addiction and that addiction was one people all over the World have and might not even realize they have it too!
He was addicted to a “STORY of the PAST”. Since the show, he has dedicated his life to helping others as a Life Coach. He specializes in Sobriety and Fitness Coaching and Peak Performance.
He has a remarkable ability to motivate and inspire people of all walks of life. He not only shares a story of success and passion, he lives it everyday. He takes great pleasure in sharing his soul with others in order for them to see he not only teaches it, he lives it!
Today he lives life with a Passion like no other, he ventures out in his spare time photographing the world around him. He is working on a book that will share some insights to what it is like to go from the life of drug and alcohol abuse for so many years to a life of recovery and success, filled with Love and Passion.
Some of the topics Steve covers are: Alcohol and Drug Addiction,The Addict on the Job,Why we use, How we cover it up,How to quit, Why AA worked for me after 8 years of trying it, The importance of Fitness, Peak Performance, Getting UNSTUCK in all areas of life, Relationships, Dealing with Death and staying Sober ,Passion , Building a Business from the ground up Sober

Not only is Steve a great speaker but he is a wealth of information and experience.

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Clean and Sober (personal)


I first tried to get sober in the 90's and eventually got sober Aug 11, 2002.

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Your addicted and don't even know it!

Everyday people of all walks of life find themselves stuck in some area of life thinking this too shall pass and a lot of the times it does, then a lot of the times it doesn't and they often don't even know why!