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Steve Dotto - QR Estates. Vancouver, BC, CA

Steve Dotto Steve Dotto

Technology Journalist | QR Estates

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Canada's Original Techie: A beloved fixture in Canadian media for over 20 years, producing and hosting a series of shows on technology





Steve Dotto on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer Part 1 of 2 Steve Dotto on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer




Steve Dotto is the former host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, the "how to" technology show teaching Canadians how to get more out of their computers and digital devices. It followed on the heels of Steve's very popular previous series, Dotto on Data and Dotto's Data Café, which ran for 12 seasons on Canada's educational networks to an annual audience of over 20 million viewers.

Steve possesses a unique, refreshing and thought provoking view of the world of technology and how it impacts our lives. He has a talent for looking at technology and understanding how it effects us, not just how it works and what it will do for us. Steve explains with great insight and humour the effect technology has on our work and personal lives!

Spending 15 years teaching Canadians how to use and embrace technology has given Steve a unique perspective on the changing world. A perspective that he shares with energy and passion. A background in comedy, including stints in theatre and with Second City contribute to make Steve an engaging, relevant, often irreverent and highly entertaining speaker.

Steve works closely with clients to develop custom talks assuring that the key messages and topics are well covered. He will craft a message that hits home delivering the results clients need, and audiences appreciate.

Steve brings his humour, insight and energy to the speakers' podiums across the country. He effectively straddles the space between the technology and the public, bringing a message to his audience that puts technology in its proper place, firmly in the hands of the users.

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Technology Update

Cyber Safe

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Event Appearances (8)


BCNET Conference 2011  Vancouver, British Columbia


The Evolution of Social Media on Business

CGA-BC Richmond/South Delta Chapter Speaker Series  Richmond, British Columbia



British Columbia Business Education Association 2010 Conference  Vancouver, British Columbia



Vancouver Island Parent Conference  Vancouver Island, British Columbia



Enterprise Document Management Symposium 2010  Riverton, Manitoba



Virtual School Society Annual Spring Conference  Vancouver, British Columbia



The BCBEA Regional Conference & The 3rd Annual SD #22 Technology Showcase  Vernon, British Columbia



BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils Fall Conference  Burnaby, British Columbia


Sample Talks (5)

Technology Update

Steve Dotto will delve into the reasons technology is having such a profound impact on our lives, how it defines generations and why we need to master it in order to do our part in the grand scheme. He will share an honest, thoughtful and whimsical view of technology with you, including how the adoption of technology is effecting every facet of our society, from personal and family issues, through the workplace into the environment.


The growth of the Internet and the advent of Social Media has made outsourcing an option for every level of business. Not just confined to hiring specialists in your area, or limited to huge companies setting up call centres abroad. Outsourcing is now an option for most businesses. Steve dives into the world looking at the options we have (boutique outsourcing, piece work, virtual assistants) and takes dead aim at the ethics, the advantages, the disadvantages and the pitfalls of Outsourcing.

Education and Technology

Steve delves into the word of technology in education. An honest hard hitting examination of how technology impacts teachers, students and parents. He discusses the new rules and responsibilities thrust upon us due to massive change, puts some perspective on Social Networking, and where this new phenomenon fits in our education system.

Learning New Lessons: Tackling New Technologies

In this workshop, Steve will be speaking on innovation, on changes in the way students learn, and on changes in the way teachers need to teach. Steve will approach the challenges in faced in education by looking at new technologies and at how they change our social fabric and habits. He will also reveal the lessons that can be learned by exploring how change is affecting our business and social lives.

Cyber Safe

The world of Web 2.0 and collaborative computing has changed the world, and youth are increasingly at risk. Unfortunately it is a unique risk they are not equipped to deal with, and those who should be protecting them from the risks are often oblivious to it. In Cyber Safe, Steve will outline the risks of Social Networking and Web 2.0, he will put them into perspective and give you the tools you need to come to terms with both the dangers and your inherent responsibilities.



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6500 to 12000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee