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Steve Holden - The Open Bastion. Portland, OR, US

Steve Holden Steve Holden

President | The Open Bastion


Experienced technology speaker with the ability to relate technology to the wider world



Born and brought up in Yorkshire, England, Steve has a lifetime's experience in the technical side of the computer business. He has expertise in electronic publishing, databases, information security, programming and related technologies. His worldwide reputation in the Python programming world and his work as a corporate technical trainer allow him to relate to audiences of many different kinds.

Industry Expertise (4)

Corporate Training


Information Technology and Services

Computer Software

Areas of Expertise (4)

The Internet

Open Source


Information Security

Education (1)

Leeds University: B. Sc. Hons (I), Computational Science 1976

Sample Talks (4)

Harnessing Open Source

One of the ways open source is different is that if you do it right other people solve your problems "for nothing." Of course there is no such thing as a free lunch, and so to get the most out of open source you need to put something in even though its economy is not principally financial. Why? Your payback is more affordable, more responsive and better-supported information systems.

How the Internet Works

Suitable for audiences from fifteen to eighty-five explaining the technicalities of the Internet in a way that most people will understand, this presentation can be adapted for specific audiences and durations by adjusting the level of detail and including topical comments.

Building a Technical Community

Whether you are putting a new team together or starting a worldwide movement there are some timeless truths about building communities that can help you build good morale and effective group cohesion. Suitable primarily for technical audiences.

Keeping Your Information Safe

It isn't just the NSA who are after your personal data. Criminal and corporate players are also planning to build a dossier of information about you to their eventual profit. This talk, suitable for lay audiences, explains some of the simpler ways you can improve the security of your personal information and some of the darker implications of 21st-century data collection practices.



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3000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee