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Steve Thomson

Project Director | Profile Training


Highly experienced presenter and speaker. Expert in the psychology of communication.





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I'm a presenter, a trainer, a coach and a professional speaker. My 55 years so far have seen me travel through much of the world, play volleyball and American football, witnessed my attempts to get into the Irish Olympic archery team - having to adopt my grandmother's Irish heritage to do so - and trek to Machu Picchu and to the foot of Everest.

I'm Scottish by birth, Irish by design and I live and work in London, though I have clients and friends worldwide.

I'm an NLP Master Practitioner, I hold a diploma in CBT, I'm an accredited practitioner of iMA, and I'm the author of The Sticking Point: a book that seeks to show people that the mental and emotional pain they carry with them through their lives can be changed and turned to positive benefit.

Industry Expertise (4)

Corporate Training

Training and Development

Management Consulting

Professional Training and Coaching

Areas of Expertise (2)

The Art and Science of Presentation

Dealing With Intellectual and Emotional Pain

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London Indaba  Victoria, London


Sample Talks (2)

The Art & Science of Presentation

We are all presenters, and we are in in the spotlight much more than we might realise. Using and demonstrating metaphor, storytelling and visualisation, this talk gives you an insight into what lies behind a great and impactful presentation. Looking at structure, somatics and body language, breath and voice control this entertaining talk will give you tricks and tools to use every day, and will have even the most nervous of speakers searching out opportunities to make themselves heard.

The Sticking Point

We all live with pain - both physical and mental. We understand the physical better - after all, it hurts! It might even bleed! Mental, emotional and intellectual pain is harder to deal with, as there are no physical symptoms, but it's just as real. Something that is shared by both kinds of pain though is that it's not measurable. You can't weigh it or put a ruler against what we feel. So how would it be if you COULD measure your mental pain? If you could see what it looks like; hold it; make things from it? This talk - based on my book The Sticking Point - takes the audience on a journey to a place where mental and emotional pain are real and tangible, and offers ways to deal with things like bereavement, bullying, bad service, rudeness and all those other aspects of life that can weigh us down.



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1000 to 6000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee