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Steve Yang - International Data Corporation (IDC). Toronto, ON, CA

Steve Yang Steve Yang

Senior Analyst, Communications & Mobility | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Senior Analyst, Communications & Mobility


Steve Yang analyzes the Canadian communications market, specifically focusing on mobility. He provides insights to Canadian wireless players around mobile phones and tablets, along with related communications from a unique Canadian perspective.

Prior to joining IDC, Steve Yang worked as a Research Analyst at a UK wireless consulting company in Beijing, China. His research covered the Chinese wireless telecommunications value chain, including key industry performance tracking, consumer behavior, equipment and handset vendor product development, mobile operators' market strategies, and international mobile industry best practices.





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Areas of Expertise (5)


Consumer Telecom Services

Smartphone Pricing

Mobile Phones

Slate Tablets


Associated IDC Services (2)

  • Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker - Canada Region
  • Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker - Canada Region


Education (1)

Anglia Ruskin University: B.A., Business Administration (Marketing) 1999

Languages (2)

  • English
  • Mandarin

Media Appearances (5)

If Ottawa wants to lower wireless bills, it should tackle smartphone prices

Globe and Mail  


Telecom executives have long complained that Apple, in particular, offers them no flexibility in pricing based on volume and controls carrier marketing and advertising.

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Carriers’ new financing plans offered as way to ease the cost of smartphones

The Star  online


The overall price of smartphones on the market has risen dramatically. “Definitely more than inflation,” says Steve Yang, who analyzes the Canadian communications equipment market for IDC Canada. Two years ago, Apple’s iPhone X was notable for bursting through the $1,000 price point. Now, Yang says, about 70 per cent of the phones on the market cost more than $1,000.

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U.S. rules cast doubt on Huawei handset launches

The Star  


Huawei phone sales have surged in Canada over the past two years thanks to competitive pricing, a popular camera and other high-end features, said IDC Canada mobility senior analyst Steve Yang, adding that Huawei’s market share jumped to about 6 per cent from less than 3 per cent over the period. He said Huawei has leap-frogged brands including BlackBerry to become the country’s third most popular smartphone after Apple and Samsung. Read more...

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Hot Product Trends in 2018 and What's Ahead

Wifi Hifi Magazine  


MOBILE: The Rise of Huawei The two-horse smartphone race between Apple and Samsung became a three-horse one this year. In the second quarter of the year, Huawei snuck past Apple to snag the second spot in the global smartphone space, according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. That’s a major accomplishment, as it was the first quarter since Q2 2010 that Apple was not number-one or two in market share. “Apple, Samsung, and LG hold almost 90 percent of total Canadian smartphone market,” Steve Yang, Senior Analyst, Communication & Mobility, IDC Canada tells WiFi HiFi, “but Huawei has shown strong momentum.”

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How Huawei built its brand in Canada

The Globe and Mail  


Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. still lags far behind other major mobile phone manufacturers in market share in Canada, but when it comes to marketing, the brand’s presence here has been growing significantly.

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Reports (5)

Apple 2020 Fall Launches (Smartphones and Smart Speakers) - A Canadian Take

IDC Canada

Manish Nargas, Shahd ElAshri, Jean Philippe Bouchard, Steve Yang


On October 13th, at the Apple "Hi, Speed" Event (the 2nd installment of Apple's fall 2020 product launches); Apple finally made its much-awaited Smartphone announcements bringing refresh design aesthetics and new product innovations, while managing to introduce 5G connectivity across its new lineup. Additionally, a long overdue breath of fresh air was injected into the Apple's smart speaker portfolio after a three-year hiatus with the introduction of the new HomePod Mini.

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Google 2020 Fall Event - A Canadian Take

IDC Canada

Manish Nargas, Shahd ElAshri, Jean Philippe Bouchard, Steve Yang


On September 30th 2020, at their "Launch Night In" event - Google announced new smartphones and smart home devices that look to help the search giant drive market penetration – while the smart home devices look to solidify their market position, the new smartphones seem to be a Hail Mary pass to try to win over the Canadian market which is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung.

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Canadian Consumer Devices Survey 2020 Results: Mobile Phones

IDC Canada

Manish Nargas, Steve Yang


This IDC Survey presents findings from IDC Canada's recent consumer surveys focusing on mature hardware — mobile phones. The showcased data highlights consumer interest, ownership, usage, preferences, and future potential for the purchase of these mature devices. Further, the document also outlines data on brands and purchase channels and the key top-of-mind features for Canadian consumers. Additional insight is provided through added demographic comparisons where relevant. Note that this year's consumer survey was in field during the peak of COVID-19 restrictions in Canada, namely, June 2020. The data presented in this survey is useful for market intelligence roles, product managers, and product marketers that seek to understand the buyer behaviour of Canadian consumers toward the mature hardware mobile phone market.

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COVID-19 Impact: 2020 Canadian Smartphone Market

IDC Canada

Steve Yang, Shahd ElAshri, JP Bouchard


This IDC Market Note presents the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Canadian smartphone market, discusses the outcome of launching new models in the current economic situation, and provides IDC's COVID-19 forecast of the market.

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Rogers Next-Gen 5G Network Launched in Canada — What Now?

IDC Canada

Jean Philippe Bouchard, Manish Nargas, Steve Yang


This IDC Market Note provides IDC's point of view with regard to the recent Rogers 5G network launch announcement on January 15, 2020, and subsequent 5G-enabled smartphone hardware launch. This document discusses the implications of this milestone launch on the Canadian market in terms of competitive landscape, new device availability, and end-user benefits.

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