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Steven Lazarus, Ph.D. - Florida Tech. Melbourne, FL, US

Steven Lazarus, Ph.D.

Professor | Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences | Florida Tech


Dr. Lazarus' research interests include data assimilation, electrical phenomena such as gigantic jets, and wind/wave interactions.

Areas of Expertise (6)

Climate Change


Wind and Waves

Data Assimilation

Gigantic Jets

Coastal Meteorology


Dr. Steven Lazarus' research interests are varied and include data assimilation, electrical phenomena such as gigantic jets, surface layer meteorology and wind/wave interactions.

He has authored or co-authored 30 peer-review articles and has had two dozen proposals funded for more than $2 million combined. Over the past decade Dr. Lazarus has reviewed more than 30 articles and/or proposals and has served on both NASA and National Science Foundation panels.

He has graduated 8 Master's students and more recently two Ph.D. students. Dr. Lazarus is currently supervising a Ph.D. student who is funded under a NIST grant involving the impact of wind loading on residential structures.

Dr. Lazarus is principal investigator on a SECOORA grant involving the installation and operation of a coastal (wind and wave) radar system in east-central Florida.

He presently serves as an academic member representative for the University Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), a consortium that includes 120 North American universities with programs in meteorology to hydrology, oceanography, atmospheric chemistry, climate science and more.

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2018 Russell L. DeSouza Award


Media Appearances (5)

Meteorologists: Hurricane season will wrap up quietly

Tampa Bay Times  


Hurricane season started with fear-inducing fury, but there’s a chance the final six weeks close with a feeble whimper. You never want to tempt Mother Nature, especially after 2021 became the seventh consecutive year to have a named storm before the June 1 start of hurricane season.

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Wanted Weeds: Early Signs Positive for Living Docks Program

Florida Tech News  


The team will also take part in a National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, led by principal investigators Nezamoddin Kachouie, mathematical sciences associate professor, and ocean engineering and marine sciences professor Steven Lazarus, that was awarded to Florida Tech. They will continue the work for the next three summers, where undergraduate students will examine how algal blooms and climate change may impact the filtration abilities of the biofouling organisms.

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Record-breaking arctic blast to spare South Florida; Gulf Coast freeze possible



Florida Institute of Technology professor Steven Lazarus gave this example: “You get cold fronts that have air behind them that originates from more of an oceanic source, like the Pacific. “That, you can imagine, is not as cold as air that originates, say, in North-Central Canada.”

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Cold fronts usually mean rain, but not this season

Palm Beach Post  print


Three cold fronts have loped through the state since Dec. 9 with a cumulative rainfall total of about a half-inch as measured at Palm Beach International Airport. For the month of December, rain at the airport tallied 1.44 inches, about two inches below normal. “That’s really significant,” said Steven Lazarus, a meteorologist and professor at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne. “There is certainly a signature in the weather pattern that’s causing it.”

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Hurricanes may pack more of a punch due to climate change, scientists say

USA TODAY  print


Climate scientists fear man-made global warming will spawn stronger hurricanes, packing heavier rainfall, higher storm surge and greater winds. "There’s plenty of evidence now in the literature that indicates these big weather events – these mesoscale systems in the Midwest and tropical cyclones – are all becoming wetter. And that is an issue," said Steven Lazarus, a Florida Institute of Technology ocean engineering and marine sciences professor.

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Education (3)

University of Oklahoma: Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology 1996

University of Oklahoma: M.S. 1990

Florida State University: B.S., Meteorology 1985


Selected Articles (5)

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Tropical Cyclone Gigantic Jet Environment

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences


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Extracting nearshore wave properties from video: A new method for coastal estuaries

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science


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First Observations of Gigantic Jets From Geostationary Orbit

Geophysical Research Lettters


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Thunderstorm charge structures producing gigantic jets

Scientific Reports


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Statistically and Dynamically Downscaled, Calibrated, Probabilistic 10-m Wind Vector Forecasts Using Ensemble Model Output Statistics

Monthly Weather Review


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Affiliations (2)

  • American Meteorological Society : Member
  • American Geophysical Union : Member

Accomplishments (1)

Russell L. DeSouza Award (professional)

2018 For service and activity in the Geoscience Community