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Steven Shugan - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Steven Shugan

Chair | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Steven Shugan is an expert in health care and market research.


Steven Shugan is an expert in health care and market research. His current research includes services marketing (integrating operations), metrics, entertainment marketing, advance-selling, normative methods for modeling competition, markets for evaluative information, models of selling and product policy. Steven is the McKethan-Matherly Eminent scholar and professor in the Marketing Department of the Warrington College of Business.

Areas of Expertise (17)

Advance-Selling and other Creating Pricing Practices

Normative Methods for Modeling Competition

Competition in Health-Care Markets

Markets for Evaluative Information

Growth in Competitive Markets

Understanding Service Markets

Public vs. Private Competition

Consumer Decision-Making

Product Line Management

Entertainment Marketing

Channels of Distribution

Measuring Competition

Defensive Marketing

Bundling Services

Conjoint Analysis

Market Research


Articles (3)

Nonprofit Versus For-Profit Health Care Competition: How Service Mix Makes Nonprofit Hospitals More Profitable

Journal of Marketing Research

Jihwan Moon and Steven M Shugan


This article studies the intersection between the largest U.S. industry—health care—and the $1 trillion nonprofit sector. Using analytical and empirical analyses, the authors reveal the marketing strategies helping private nonprofit hospitals achieve higher output, prices, and profits than for-profit hospitals.

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Explaining Bundle-Framing Effects with Signaling Theory

Marketing Science

Jihwan Moon and Steven M Shugan


Many sellers bundle add-ons (e.g., in-flight entertainment, hotel amenities) with core services (e.g., transportation, lodging). One surprising empirical finding is that consumers often believe bundle frames provide greater value than equivalent unbundle frames ($10 > $9 + $1) despite equal all-inclusive prices. Although these context or framing effects appear irrational in isolation, the bundle-framing effect might reflect market relationships caused by underlying seller motives.

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Strategic use of product enhancements: upgrades, add-ons, extras, and accessories

Handbook of Research on New Product Development

Steven M. Shugan


Although developing new products is often essential for the survival of a seller, it is very costly and risky to continuously launch new products or replace established products with new ones. Sometimes, a less risky alternative is to modify or enhance the established existing base or core product with upgrades, add-ons, extras, and accessories.

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