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Steven Sidebotham - University of Delaware. Newark, DE, US

Steven Sidebotham

Professor, History | University of Delaware


Prof. Sidebotham researches the ancient global economy.



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A professor of history, Steven Sidebotham researches the ancient global economy: economic and cultural trade between what is now Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and India.

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Museums and Institutions

Glass, Ceramics and Concrete

International Trade and Development

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Ancient Global Economy

Trade in the Ancient World

Egyptian Archaeology

Greek Archaeology

Roman Archaeology

World War II

Media Appearances (5)

Ancient Buddha Statue Discovered in Egypt

Archaeology  online


Steven Sidebotham of the University of Delaware said that the statue is about 28 inches tall, and shows the Buddha standing and holding parts of his robes in his left hand, while a halo behind him radiates sunlight. A separate Sanskrit inscription thought to date to the third century A.D. was also found at the site. The Buddha statue may have been made locally by South Asians living in Berenike, Sidebotham added, and could indicate that a South Asian merchant community lived in the area.

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Archaeologists Unearth Buddha Statue in Ancient Egyptian Port City

Smithsonian  online


“You hear a lot about globalization today,” Sidebotham told the publication, “but there was a ‘global economy’ linking Europe, Africa and Asia during the first century of the Christian era, and the city of Berenike is a perfect example of that.”

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Ancient Egypt: 1,800 Years-old Pet Cemetery Filled With 100 Skeletons Discovered

Newsweek  online


The dig, headed by Steven Sidebotham of the University of Delaware, began in 1994, continuing in fits and starts into 2017, the journal Antiquity reported.

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Archeologists Discover Nearly 2,000-Year-Old Pet Cemetery in Egypt

Smithsonian  online


The find is not the first discovery to hint that the ancients kept pets, but it does emphasize the great lengths Egyptians and Romans went to to care for these creatures, Steven Sidebotham, researcher at the University of Delaware who directed the Berenike dig, tells Watson.

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Dogs, monkeys, cats: 2,000-year-old pet cemetery uncovered in Egypt

USA Today  online


A heavily built animal similar to a mastiff, its belly held a final meal of fish and goat meat, and its skeleton shows it suffered from a painful bone cancer still common among dogs today. Its body had been wrapped in a basket and covered with pieces of broken pottery, clear evidence it was “a very loved animal,” says the University of Delaware’s Steven Sidebotham, who directs research at Berenike.

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