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Stuart Robinson - Southern Utah University. Cedar City , UT, US

Stuart Robinson Stuart Robinson

Assistant Professor of Art Education | Southern Utah University


Specializing in community engagement through arts, project based art education, and art education for elementary teachers


Dr. Stuart Robinson is a professor of art education at Southern Utah University. He has shared his work at conferences, nationally and internationally, and most recently he was published in the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education.

Formerly, Dr. Robinson was the arts educator at Fenster High School in Tucson, Arizona, where he taught courses in art, anthropology, film studies, and creative writing. Prior to teaching, Stuart assumed educational roles at a number of art museums and centers across the country.

Dr. Robinson completed a bachelor of arts in art history at the University of Southern California, a master of arts at the University of Cincinnati, and a doctorate in art and visual culture education at the University of Arizona.

Industry Expertise (4)


Arts and Crafts

Museums and Institutions

Fine Art

Areas of Expertise (12)

Community Engagement through Arts

Project Based Art Education

Art Education for Elementary Teachers

Public Programming

Art Education

Museum Education

Visual Culture

Museum Studies

Community Art

Arts-Based Research

Art Education in Museums

Arts Education in Rural Communities

Education (3)

University of Arizona: Ph.D., Art and Visual Culture Education

University of Cincinnati: M.A., Art History

University of South Carolina: B.A., Art History

Accomplishments (2)

Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching (professional)

Northwest Missouri State University, 2016

Art Educator of the Year (professional)

Missouri Art Education Association, 2016

Affiliations (5)

  • Utah Art Education Association
  • College Art Association
  • National Art Education Association
  • Community Art Caucus
  • United States Society for Education Through Art

Media Appearances (3)

Stuart Robinson Captures the Human Imprint Through Art

SUU University News  online


SUU’s Department of Art & Design welcomes installation and fiber artist, Dr. Stuart Robinson, as an Art Insights speaker Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA). Dr. Robinson’s work examines the ways in which humans interact with man-made elements and the traces we leave upon them. Admission is free and open to the public.

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Capturing the Human Imprint Through Art: Stuart Robinson at Southern Utah University

St. George News  online


The Department of Art and Design at Southern Utah University welcomes installation and fiber artist Dr. Stuart Robinson as the Art Insights speaker Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Southern Utah Museum of Art. Robinson’s work examines the ways in which humans interact with man-made elements and the traces we leave upon them. Admission is free and open to the public.

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Artist Voices Heard During SUMA Gallery Talk

SUU News  online


Jessica Farling, director and curator of the museum, led a walking tour of the gallery while professors whose work was presented there, talked about their work and told stories of how and why they decided to create them.

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Research Grants (2)

Faculty Research Grant

Northwest Missouri State University $3000

Group study of an arts-infused academy in New Mexico as a ​model for campus lab school.

Faculty Research Grant

Northwest Missouri State University $2850

Created a visual literacy program taught by pre-service art teachers at a local lab school.

Articles (1)

The Other White Cube Project: Finding Museums Among Us

Journal of Social Theory in Art Education

Stuart Robinson


Content and context intersect to produce works of art, and visitors must have an awareness of both halves to be truly informed, engaged, and included. In 2013, I created the Other White Cube Project (OWCP) to deterritorialize curatorial practices and search for ways to disrupt divisions found in art museums—content/context, curator/viewer, cultural/personal. For the study, I concentrated on three constructivist keys to learning in museums—comfort, relevance, and intelligibility—and the project proceeded from the following premise: if visitors knew about curatorial strategies (comfort) and performed and personalized them (relevance), art museums would be more engaging, transparent, and comprehensible (intelligibility). For the study, participants engaged with curatorial practices through their refrigerator, one of the most common, curated spaces. Based on the findings, I argue that context-based programs, such as the OWCP, help visitors to interpret relationships, themes, and other curatorial elements that add intellectual depth to the museum experience.

Courses (6)

ART 1120 Two-Dimensional Design

A study of design fundamentals with an application in two-dimensional media. Presents the basic design principles and elements employed in all visual expression.

ART 3080 Museum and Gallery Practices

Fundamental concepts of gallery and museum practices including in-depth study of the nature of objects, interpretation of objects and administration responsibilities.

ART 3900 Art for Elementary Teachers

Methods and techniques in understanding the development of creative expression and perceptual awareness. Professional education course for elementary education majors.

ART 4900 Secondary Art Teaching Methods

Methods of teaching art at middle and high school levels. Applied problems in standards-based curriculum planning, classroom management, assessment, integrations, and development of professional credentials.

ART 4910 Education in a Museum Environment

Effective educational strategies, policies and practices within a museum context, addressing audiences of all ages and interests. Project based. Open to all majors and for all types of museums.

ART 4980 Student Teaching