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Sumi Olson - Olson Sales & Marketing Services. Liphook, Hampshire, GB

Sumi Olson

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Trainer | Olson Sales & Marketing Services

Liphook, Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Experienced, approachable, inspiring speaker on social media, publishing & content creation who reduces overwhelm & turns aha-s into actions





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I'm a social media and content creation specialist author, speaker, and consultant. Through my business, Olson Sales & Marketing Services, I support owners of SME businesses, publishers, freelancers, and self-employed professionals & authors.

A Diamond-rated Expert Author on and an Amazon 5* rated author, I use my twenty-five years' of business development, sales & marketing and publishing experience to help business managers take control of their goals & objectives, so that they can implement them and enjoy the results.

Through my website resources, books, events, articles, courses, blog, and newsletter, I cover best practices, tools and techniques on creating & publishing content, social media marketing, online branding, performance, goal setting & delivery, sales & marketing, business management, business development, and work-life balance.

Over my career, clients, stakeholders, and customers have ranged from corporate giants such as, national & local government bodies, smaller & medium sized businesses, publishers, charities, authors, the general public, and skilled professionals. You can read my full professional biography and testimonials on LinkedIn where I'd be delighted to connect with you.

As a result of my experiences, I understand the thrills, excitement, pressures and challenges which solopreneurs, managers, and senior staff face when working to define priorities, goals and objectives, and meet them. I therefore aim on reducing the overwhelm and complexities which inhibit implementation and progress.

With two young children of my own, my passion is to help us all reach a good work-life balance so we have more time to spend on what matters in life: interests & hobbies, friends, and of course, family.

Industry Expertise (5)

Social Media


Training and Development

Writing and Editing


Areas of Expertise (10)

Social Media Marketing

Publishing Content

Creating an Online Brand

Social Media Networking

Creating Content for Online Branding

Niche Business

Pipeline Building

Developing A Niche

Smart Working for High Performance

Goal & Objective Setting for Business Owners

Accomplishments (5)

Getting Ready To Do Business: A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs (professional)

This Guide looks at your approach to business planning which is a key step to setting up a strong business. This is the point, before your business has started, when you can give real thought to the kind of business model that you want to develop. This kind of thinking will shape the way your business is set up and will affect aspects like pricing, location, strategic partnerships. etc.

How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day: Practical Social Media tips and strategies for busy business owners & professionals ... marketing campaigns in just 30 minutes a day (professional)

An Amazon 5* reviewed, best-selling title to help busy business professionals manage their social media activity. To help them achieve this, the book covers prioritising Social Media channels, establishing goals and setting out action plans. Laying down goals, creating strategies to accomplish them and finally, working on implementation is how successful people achieve the results they deserve.

Royal Horticultural Society General Certificate of Horticulture (Distinction) (professional)

The RHS Level 2 Certificate in Horticulture (formerly the RHS General Certificate in Horticulture) is a National Examination established in 1893 which continues to provide an industry recognised qualification as a basis for those wishing to pursue a professional career in horticulture. Many leading professional horticulturists have used this qualification as a starting point in their career.

Pitman Book-keeping & Accounts Level II (First Class) (professional)

The course covered, among many other aspects of manual book-keeping, the double entry system, the basics of VAT, checking invoices for accuracy, day books, general ledger, purchase ledger and sales ledger, petty cash books and balancing ledger accounts.

Diamond Level Expert Author (professional)

The highest level of membership available, this award is given to the few author who meet's strict criteria. It reflects consistently high quality content and is only awarded on merit - it cannot be bought. To be awarded Diamond status is an accomplishment of which I am very proud.

Education (1)

University College London,: BA Honours, Imperial & Commonwealth History: Decline of the British Empire

Event Appearances (3)


Creating a SMART Niche Business  Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp


Content Is King

Content is King Workshop   Old Thorns Hotel, Liphook


Social Media for SMEs: What, When, Why, How

Free Advice for Business Event for SMEs, Entrenpreneurs & Start-ups  Liphook, Hampshire


Sample Talks (5)

Online Branding

Looking at personal and business congruence, aligning personal goals & objectives, understanding your community's needs & wants (target niche), communicating messages consistently, creating content strategies that deliver branding messages and raise visibility, appropriate online platforms and channels.

Creating Compelling Content - content creation strategies to raise profile, establish authority and increase income

Business owners, managers, authors and individuals are increasingly involved in content creation to help them develop their business, connect with their community, and raise their profile. Writing updates for social media platforms, websites & blogs, articles, reports & white papers, books, video and podcasts takes time and focus. I cover content creation strategies that will support business goals & objectives and removes the overwhelm.

Online Publishing for Business Professionals

Changes in publishing technology can help business professionals leverage their knowledge and experience to a wider audience than ever before. Looking at ways to develop content and refine it to meet audience need, I also offer tips, guidance and techniques to produce high-quality, professional standard publications that raise your status and authority as well as offer new income streams.

social media marketing

Setting out business objectives & goals and understanding how and when social media can be used to best effect. Social media is part of a range of tools that business owners & managers can access when appropriate. I cover the different platforms and put them into a business-need context. I provide tips and practical actions which can immediately boost online brand and raise visibility. I discuss how to build a community of followers and supporters that will provide a source of warm and interested potential clients.

SMART Niche Business - aligning your business to meet your customer needs

Using SMART goals (specific, measurable, achieveable, realistic and timed), helping business owners & managers to focus on their niche community and create services & products which truly reflect their needs. Aligning business processes to build pipeline, raise visibility and develop long-term relationships with niche community.



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240 to 2000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee