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Susan Cannon, PhD - Fielding Graduate University. Seattle, WA, US

Susan Cannon, PhD Susan Cannon, PhD

Adjunct Faculty - School of Leadership Studies | Fielding Graduate University


Interdisciplinary scholar-practitioner in transformative change, integral master coach, futurist, pioneer in women's leadership development



Susan Cannon, PhD Publication Susan Cannon, PhD Publication Susan Cannon, PhD Publication




Susan Cannon – Developing Extraordinary Women Leaders: The Masculine, The Feminine, and The Future



Susan Cannon, PhD is an interdisciplinary scholar-practitioner and futurist bringing 25+ years to innovation, learning, and change in human systems. She is currently a certified integral master coach and partner at Vollett Executive Coaching and Evolucent Consulting; a founding faculty of The Shift Leadership Academy; and an adjunct professor of Organizational Development and Leadership at Fielding Graduate University.

Recognized as a pioneer in women’s leadership development, her book The Way of The Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love, and Lead (2016)was distilled from 15 years' experience designing and delivering transformative university certificate programs with co-author Suzanne Anderson.

During her 1990’s doctoral research on future scenarios for the U.S. in 2020, she identified two high leverage factors critical to a positive future: business and women leaders. Dr. Cannon has continued to explore adult and organizational development, as well as the role of business as a transformative enterprise for creating a positive future.

Dr. Cannon won Association of Washington Business awards for her organization in environmental excellence and for innovations in workplace improvement and job training, while serving as a vice president of strategic planning and development in the demolition and remediation industry.

Dr. Cannon previously worked as an associate professor of management at Antioch University Seattle, and an adjunct professor with the Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot University.

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Professional Training and Coaching

Training and Development

Writing and Editing

Areas of Expertise (8)

Leadership Development

Women's Leadership

Executive Coaching

Conscious Business & Social Enterprise

Transformative Learning

Organizational Development

Adult Ego Development

Futures Research and Scenario Planning

Accomplishments (4)

Association of Washington Businesses Environmental Award 2003 (professional)

AWB Environmental Award for ReNu Recycling Services

Association of Washington Businesses Better Workplace Award 2000 (professional)

AWB Better Workplace Award for Family Friendly Compensation and Benefits Programs

Association of Washington Businesses Better Workplace Award 1998 (professional)

AWB Better Workplace Award for Innovative Training and Career Development Program

U.S. Patent 1989 (professional)

Multilayer Semi-insulating Film for Hermetic Wafer Passivation and Method for Making Same (SIPONT); Texas Instruments case TI-11533, April 2, 1986.

Education (3)

California Institute of Integral Studies: PhD, Integral studies with a concentration in Learning and Change in Human Systems 2000

Purdue University: MS, Chemical Engineering 1984

Texas Tech University: BS, Engineering Physics 1982

Affiliations (11)

  • Conscious Business Coalition : Founding Member
  • Leadership Institute of the Niger Delta : Member Advisory Council 2008-present
  • Integral Life : Long-term Member
  • Evolutionary Life : Board Member 2007-present
  • Earth Intelligence Network : Board Member 2008-present
  • Wisdom Council for VolunTours : Member 2006-present
  • Integral Science Institute : Member Scientific Advisory Board
  • Arlington Institute / a futuristic thinktank : Member
  • World Future Society : Professional Member
  • Pacific Integral : Member
  • International Leadership Association : Member

Media Appearances (1)

On The Path 1998-1999

Talk Spot Studios, Bellevue, WA  radio

Produced a three-hour Sunday live radio and streaming internet radio broadcast “On The Path,” co-hosting introductions and wrap up with a former NBC news correspondent who functioned as primary host. Responsible for finding and scheduling guests, all content, and participating in on-the-air discussions. Show featured topics of interest to the contemporary spiritual seeker, with internationally known guests such as Lama Surya Das, Father Thomas Keating, Rabbi David Cooper, Andrew Harvey, Coleman Barks, Terrence McKenna, Barbara Marx Hubbard, John O’Donohue, Peter Russell, Rev. John Shelby Spong, and more. Facilitated chatroom discussions integrated with the show’s live broadcast. Quickly built an enthusiastic international following spawning a national radio syndication effort.

Event Appearances (7)

Integral feminine leadership: Developing women to lead from feminine essence

International Leadership Association Women's Leadership Affinity Group  Asilomar, CA


Developing extraordinary leaders: The masculine, the feminine, and the future

HR Vision Conference  Amsterdam


Mapping the emerging future, a presentation with S. Boga

47th Annual Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences  Crete, Greece


The women’s integral leadership circle: How the experience of a transformative crucible helps women develop the capacity for integral leadership

5th International Transformative Learning Conference  Teachers College, Columbia University, NY


Growing the Circle: How we became a distance learning community

Adult Education Conference  Nashville, TN


Passivated Dual Dielectric Gate for Silicon Mosfets, a presentation with S. Ang

The Electrochemical Society Meeting  San Diego, CA


Rapid Thermal Annealed Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposited SiO2 as Gate Dielectric in Silicon Mosfets, a presentation with S. Ang

Joint General Session on Electronics/Dielectrics and Insulation at the Electrochemical Society Meeting  Boston, MA


Articles (4)

Synergic inquiry and organizational transformation: A case study of SI application to a US organization working in Mexico.

Sage Publications

Joiner, C., Cannon, S., & O’Neil, K. (2006). In Y. Tang, C. Joiner & J. Gozawa (Eds.), Synergic Inquiry: A collaborative action methodology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Whose story what future?

Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures

Vol. 13, 38-40. Spring, 2000.

Rapid Thermal Annealed Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposited SiO2 as Gate Dielectric in Silicon Mosfets

J. Electrochem. Soc.

S. Wilson and S. Ang (1986, May). Presented at the Joint General Session on Electronics/Dielectrics and Insulation at the Electrochemical Society Meeting in Boston, May 4-9, 1986.

Passivated Dual Dielectric Gate for Silicon Mosfets

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S. Wilson and S. Ang (1986, October). Presented at the Electrochemical Society Meeting in San Diego Oct 20-24.