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Susan  Jones - The Ohio State University. Columbus, OH, US

Susan Jones Susan  Jones

Professor I Entomology | The Ohio State University


Dr. Susan Catherine Jones is a specialist on bed bugs and termites






What NOT to Do if You Have Bed Bugs   Dr  Susan Jones, Ohio State University



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Bed Bugs

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University of Arizona: Ph.D., Entomology

Louisiana State University: M.Sc., Entomology

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10 Things You Need to Know About Bedbugs

Yahoo! News  


"There's an unnecessary stigma associated with bedbugs," says Susan Jones, PhD, associate professor of entomology at Ohio State University. "Anyone can get them. They're not associated with poor housekeeping or a certain poverty level or anything like that." So if you have them-or know someone who does-remember that it has nothing to do with personal hygiene habits. "Every woman whose home I treat tells me how often they shower, how clean they are, that they get manicures-none of that matters," reports Jeff Eisenberg, founder of Pest Away Exterminating...

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What’s Trending in Bed Bugs?



Dr. Susan Jones, a researcher at the Ohio State University, says the bed bug issue is not losing strength despite some observers’ claims that the market has reached a critical mass. “The bottom line is that bed bugs are going strong and not going away anytime soon,” says Jones, who says multi-family housing and hospitality accounts continue to be unwilling targets for these annoying pests...

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Bed Bugs Tips & Tricks



PMPs fighting the ongoing battle to control bed bugs should consider using the knowledge gained from field and lab research conducted by university entomologists. Susan Jones, Ph.D., professor of entomology and bed bug expert at Ohio State University, is one of those researchers. Her work over the years has provided important insights about the biology, behavior and control of bed bugs — and she shared some of her knowledge with participants of a recent bed bug webinar presented by PCT...

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ActiveGuard Mattress Liners Reduce Bed Bugs' Ability to Lay Eggs, Study Finds



Dr. Susan Jones, a professor of entomology at Ohio State University, knows this as well as anyone, after having tested many such products for years. While there have been some flops in the past, she and her colleagues have found one that looks promising as a new tool for bed bug control programs. The results of their research are published in an article in the Journal of Medical Entomology...

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