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Susan McLennan - Reimagine PR. Toronto, ON, CA

Susan McLennan

President | Reimagine PR

Toronto, ON, CANADA

I help leading brands mobilize people through purpose & storytelling. Consultant | speaker | trainer | Emmy Award-winning storyteller





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Jumpstart your storytelling with a brand story workshop Video: Find Your Story Build Your Brand Workshop Purpose Keynote - Susan McLennan




I help brands discover their purpose, be the change, and engage others in the compelling stories that help them drive key business results, change minds and open hearts.

As a speaker, I have been highly rated or received top marks at conferences organized by IWF/Harvard/INSEAD, the Smith School of Business at Queen's University and the N.E. Dairy Association.

Our work has resulted in two regional Emmy Awards and recognition from the US Library of Congress, who selected a digital project of ours for inclusion.

Stories we have helped our clients tell have landed them on The Today Show, The View, Ellen, CNN, The Tonight Show, and various other high profile news outlets around the world, including The New York Times and People Magazine.

I have helped unknown brands become household names and stale brands transform into vibrant entities able to attract the customers and talent they need to thrive.

In one speech, I can help your audience discover the 5 shifts they have to make to stay relevant and even thrive during times like these.

Industry Expertise (6)

Public Relations and Communications



Social Media

Professional Training and Coaching

Writing and Editing

Areas of Expertise (11)



Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Corporate Strategy

Storytelling & Public Speaking

Pr and Communications for Non Profits

Media Training

Women in Business

Public Relations

Transmedia Storytelling

Television Production

Accomplishments (5)

Regional Emmy Award (professional)


My partner, Mike Erskine-Kellie and I created and wrote a television show designed to keep girls engaged in science. The show won two regional Emmy Awards, one of which was awarded to us.

Ragan Video Awards (professional)


Brand storytelling shouldn't be boring. We were a finalist for this video which we produced for Seton, a global leader in the safety world. This video was a parody of old style safety videos focusing on signs, one of the core competencies of our client, Seton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSqVR3MocHk

Board President, Openmedia (professional)


I am the chair of Openmedia and its longest serving board member. We campaign to keep the internet accessible and affordable and champion privacy and digital rights. The organization has gone from 0-800,000 members in the last 3 years.

CPRS digital media bronze award (professional)


The best brand storytelling is sometimes very human. We helped a foundation share the story of its many children by using the voice of one sick teenager, Megan McNeil. She wrote a song to give others hope. Enlisting the help of Garth Richardson, one of the top music producers in the world, we produced this video for her and secured coverage on top media outlets. Her campaign helped get September named Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9pHISn

CPRS Toronto - ACE Award Bronze (professional)


This story-driven campaign was designed to give our client, Seton, a video they could give Safety managers to run in their safety meetings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip7qAa-Yh74

Education (1)

University of Toronto: BA (Hons) Dean's List

Affiliations (7)

  • International Women's Forum (IWF) Global Communications Committee Member
  • Immediate Past Board Chair OpenMedia
  • Member of Advisory Board, Skills4Good
  • Member of Advisory Board, Hylo
  • Women in Leadership - Advisory Council
  • CPRS (Public Relations Society)
  • RTDNA (Radio Television Digital News Association)

Testimonials (11)

Jessa Morrison, Executive Director | Leadership Foundation, IWF (IWF/Harvard Business School/INSEAD)

"Susan has superpowers. She is a dynamic, humorous and engaging speaker. It was our privilege to have her involved in the IWF (International Women’s Forum) Fellows Program, and we look forward to working with her again in the future."

Greg Kozniewski, Director Channel Marketing, EWS | Legrand

"You get us further faster. You give us feedback in such a non-threatening, positive way, when you speak, we listen. Honestly, I've never seen our top executives pay such close attention to any other coach."

Simon VanAsseldonk, Program Coordinator | Smith School of Business, Queen's University

Susan is an incredible speaker. Her enthusiasm and professionalism when engaging students is truly one of a kind. Her ability to engage with the audience and keep them immersed in her talk is truly amazing. She is able to speak on issues of social impact with a high level of knowledge but also able to touch on the somber and the awkward moments with grace and humility. She had the audience laughing at times, crying at others and in the end she had them in awe of what they had learned from her talk. I would be honored to work with Susan again on any event and cannot recommend her enough.

Mitchell Callahan, CEO | Saucal

"Susan really helped us define our company's purpose. This simple idea, which took a lot of thinking to get to, has transformed our business. It gave our team a vision of where we need to go. It also empowered them so that we could step back from our business - and focus on working on it, instead of in it. She also helped us craft our team agreements which gave everyone structure to follow."

Louie Prosperi, CEO | ICB USA

It was a fantastic 5 days and thank you. You have helped us find our purpose and why to connect to the people we want to become part of our association.

Lori Gill, Conference Organizer | Women's Business Network of Peterborough

I thought it was really diverse. I loved how Susan was able to bring in past, present and future -- that worked really well… I mean, we do have to be purpose driven, that’s how businesses really need to operate these days. If you don’t have a purpose how can people understand where it is you’re coming from and what it is you want to accomplish with it? It was eye-opening, how she ties everything into perspective about where we are today and where we are moving to… It’s something that everybody needs to hear, people of all walks of life, from different backgrounds really need to hear her message.

Various Participants, Attendees and Organizer of Conference | Queens Conference on Philanthropy

“Susan’s workshop was absolutely captivating! I was hooked the entire time and have applied her lessons into my everyday life. Her point about using vulnerability and stories, rather than successes and statistics, really opened my eyes and I have become much more analytical of presentations.” “My personal highlight of QCOP was Susan’s workshop! I found the content extremely relevant and her stories were engaging all around.” “10/10 would go to QCOP again if Susan is presenting again.” “I thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s presentation as well as having the chance to chat with her afterwards! She has such a warm and welcoming personality.”

Bill Ross, CEO | Janus Conferences

Susan McLennan is a dynamo of a speaker. She had the unenviable job as the last speaker of the day at our Janus Conferences "Sexual Harassment" conference at the Royal York Hotel. She did not disappoint and kept the audience on the edge of their seats with a combination of vivid graphics and engaging vocabulary. Her notion of the power of using stories to get your point across is something that I have started using, and am already seeing the results. I highly recommend Susan as a speaker ... she is one of the best!

Beth Dea, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships | Futurpreneur

Susan is the ultimate storyteller and gives freely of her time to inspire others to learn the value of storytelling. As an organization that supports young entrepreneurs across the country, we appreciate Susan’s willingness to share her extensive PR experience with our entrepreneurs who are looking to take their businesses to the next level. She is one of our most popular presenters.

Laura Tribe , Executive Director | Openmedia

"Basically, she was awesome, made it super easy to understand, and helped break it down into step-by-step tips - keeping the whole thing from being overwhelming or putting too much pressure on to "don't screw this up." Big thumbs up!"

John Bessai, Professor of Media and History | Centennial College

"Susan McLennan is a visionary in Public Relations. Her understanding of the power of word of mouth communications and the new dynamism of contemporary social media is path breaking. She is fluent in the societal impact of new technologies on social media, and her grasp of the historical moment and the changes occurring in all media is precise and eye opening. She recently made a presentation to my class of Centennial College media students - a very tough and savvy audience indeed. They were revetted. Susan McLennan is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can open minds quickly and succintly to the issues and challenges that media presents today. She also also practices what she preaches. No small feat. I recommend her highly.

Media Appearances (13)

The List: Subtle Hacks to Win People Over

The List  online


Susan is one of the featured experts helping people better understand habits and behaviors that win friends and influence people.

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Forbes  online


Susan talks about rebranding and the importance of ensuring your employees are in on the action.

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Global News

Global  tv


Global reporter Caryn Lieberman and Susan talk about COVID-19 project for kids that helps keep families safe. The interview ran across Global TV stations, nationally on the main website and locally on various stations' websites as well.

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CTV News Channel

CTV  tv


Susan talks to host Merella Fernandez on CTV News Channel (national).

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CTV Toronto News

CTV  tv


Susan and host Pauline Chan talk for noon news repeated at 6pm as well about project that helps kids keep their families safe during the pandemic.

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Personal Branding: Thriving in a Time of Disruption

CCCA Magazine  print


See pages 30 and 31 -- How many lawyers survive the current and growing AI reimagining of their profession will come down to their personal branding. Here's what you need to know.

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Rebooting your Employer Brand

HRE Magazine  online


Susan talks to reporter Carol Patton about what brands need to remember about internal communications when undergoing an external rebrand.

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Women in Tech

Brandon Hall  online


Leading women working in tech, including senior executives in global leadership at SAP, Accenture, EY, and Reimagine PR's Susan McLennan, discuss the state of the union when it comes to women in tech.

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Business leaders take stand against Bill C-51

Toronto Star  print


Susan and dozens of other business leaders in tech take a stand against Bill C-51.

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Why Stories Matter

Futurpreneur  online


Susan looks at how stories can help connect you to the audiences you need.

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Susan on CTV

CTV  tv


I spoke with CTV's Kevin Newman about viral videos and fundraising.

Media Appearance Image

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Susan talks Social Media with Toronto Star

Toronto Star  print


I spoke with Ann Douglas from The Toronto Star about Social Media and, in particular, Facebook's policy around pictures of breast feeding.

Media Appearance Image

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Speaker Series, Susan McLennan

Queen's University, Smith Business School, Centre for Social Impact  online


"Ms McLennan’s speech started off with a story reminding us all that you need to wear two pieces if you’re going to be presenting. That’s when I realized what’s so different about a person who wants to make money and a person who wants to make change – one of them takes themselves much too seriously, and the other one will gladly tell you about when she ended up having to pry a mic pack off her underwear in the middle of a hallway."

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Event Appearances (23)

Armenian Relief Society of Canada

Women by 2030: Inspiring and Empowering Leaders  Toronto



Defining Moments  Toronto


5 Shifts to Building a Powerful Personal Brand

IWF Intensive  Atlantis Hotel, Nassaua Bahamas


5 Shifts You Need to Make Right Now to Attract Young Workers

N.E. Dairy Foods Assocation 2019 Conference  Cooperstown New York


Aren't I too Young for this?

Speaker Series: with Susan McLennan  Smith Business School, Queen's University


Launch Box Academy: Brand Builder Bootcamp (week long)

Saucal Annual Retreat  Porto, Portugal


Brand Builder Bootcamp - 5 day

ICB USA  Toronto


Creating a Culture of Sponsorship for Women Leaders

A Way Forward: Women in Leadership Annual Summit  The Marriott Harbor Beach Resort Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Brand Builder Bootcamp - 5 day

Numu  Calgary


Brand Building in the Age of #metoo

Women's Business Network  Peterborough Golf & Country Club


Brandon Hall: Human Capital Management Excellence Conference

Advancing Women in Technology Careers and companies  PGA, West Palm Beach Resort


Storytelling that wins donors and influencers

Queen's Conference on Philanthropy  Queen's University


Communicating Away from Disaster

Human Rights & Sexual Harassment - Prevent the Violations & Costs  Toronto, Royal York Hotel


IWF/Harvard Business School/INSEAD

International Leadership Foundation Fellows Training  Houston


Find your Story, Build your Brand

YWCA: National Conference  Toronto


Find your Story, Build your Brand

Futurepreneur National Conference  Toronto


Find your Story, Build your Brand

Women's Professional Development  Verity


Like a Boss!

Up with Women: Helping women leaving the shelter system rebuild their careers  Toronto


Find your Story, Build your Brand

Private workshop for Canada's most effective grassroots organization  Openmedia Vancouver


Win Fans, Customers and Business with PR

In Close Conversation: Mentors and Mavens  RedRocks Corporate Retreat


Social Media - What does it Mean for the Future of Communications?

Guest Lecture  Centennial College, Toronto


#SOS: Save Our Status: Social Media and Corporate Crisis

Reputation Management in the age of Social Media (A Panel discussion with National Post columnist, Head of Communications for McDonald's, and President of Babble On Communications)  Seneca College


Top PR Secrets to Ignite Success

Women's Business Network of Peterborough  Trent University


Sample Talks (3)

Funny Business

Great corporate cultures embrace the range of human existence, from empathy to humor. But how does a button down brand go about becoming a little less button down and a bit more human? I'll show you how.

Find your Story, Build your Brand

Nothing is more powerful than a well told story. A great story has the power to change how the world sees a brand and its leaders. A bad story can be your undoing. This presentation (comes in speech and workshop format) helps brands go from boring to engaging, telling and elevating stories that make people love you.

Kids Rule, Parents Drool

Meaningful social change comes from below, not above, and nothing so meaningful as change driven by children. In this speech, I look at social movements driven by children, and share concrete examples that will help you empower families to make real change happen in the world.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


5000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Research Focus (2)

The Kratt Brothers

Creators and Stars of PBS's Wild kratts, Zoboomafoo and Kratts' Creatures


For 15 years, I managed the brand of the Kratts, handling all media, public and special appearances. Helping them identify, create and share their stories to help elevate their brand was all in a day's work.

Research focus Image

view more

The James Fund

One of the leading funds worldwide fighting Neuroblastoma


The James fund was started by the family of James Birrell desperate to save him from Neuroblastoma, an almost always deadly childhood cancer. Through effective storytelling, we helped the organization grow from friends who chipped in $30,000 to a $13,000,000 fund recognized around the world with Tom Hanks as its Honorary Patron.

Research focus Image

view more