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Susan Mogensen Susan Mogensen

President | Brown Dog Consulting

Cumberland, ON, CANADA

Good Governance: What Does it Even Mean (and Why Should You Care)?








- governance consultant and facilitator with Brown Dog Consulting since 1999
- former CEO, International Policy Governance® Association (2004-2009)
- published articles include: “Hierarchy: Necessary but Not Necessarily Evil” , “The Keys to Critiquing Policy Governance,” "The Power and the Glory: Embracing the Joy of Accountability," "Sticking to the Process Without Getting Stuck," "The Big Picture: Policy Governance and Democracy"
- 12 years experience working in the Canadian Parliament
- other interests: health, fitness, nutrition, hockey

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Corporate Leadership


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Conference Founder (professional)


Launched the first-ever international Policy Governance conference in Chicago in 2004 for the International Policy Governance Association. Attended by some 200 registrants from around the world, this annual conference continues to feature training, motivation and inspiration for good governance practitioners and advocates around the world.

Half-Marathon Completion (personal)


Completed first half-marathon.

Guest Speaker (professional)


Delivered the closing address of the 9th Annual Conference of the International Policy Governance Association, held in Detroit, Michigan.

Education (2)

Carleton University: BA (Honours), Political Science 1990

Carleton University: BA (Honours), Political Science 1990

Affiliations (2)

  • International Association of Facilitators (IAF)
  • International Policy Governance Association (IPGA)

Testimonials (4)

Caroline Oliver, Principal | Good to Govern

“Quirky, humorous, touching – if you would not associate these qualities with a speaker who has some profoundly important things to say, engage Susan Mogensen and you are in for a great surprise!”

Susan E. Rogers, President | ROGERS Leadership Consulting

“What I enjoy the most about listening to Susan is her easy, articulate delivery of very funny stories to connect real life with learning.”

Alan E. Yue, PMP, CISSP, CBCP , President 2011-2012, PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Inc. | PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Inc.

"If your organization is ready to take its performance to its owners to a whole new level with a solid "theory-based integrated framework" for accountability, transparency, and "maximum direction with maximum protection" then Susan and Brown Dog Consulting is for you and your board. Her contributions have empowered us to make a more meaningful difference in the lives of our community members for a value worth the resources invested...Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Susan and her help."

Sherry Jennings, Principal | Sound Governance

“Susan Mogensen is the best storyteller I've ever heard. Her style is low-key, but her delivery is powerful. With her beautiful voice and carefully chosen words, Susan engages and delights the listener. While her stories are rich in entertainment, they also inform and inspire. If you want a speaker to make your next event memorable, hire Susan!”

Event Appearances (2)

Policy Governance(R): How Crown Corporation Boards Can Maximize Accountability and Results

4th Annual Crown Corporation Governance conference  Ottawa


Maximizing Board Productivity: An Introduction to Policy Governance(R)

Crown Corporation Governance  Ottawa


Sample Talks (1)

How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps

It is easy to get caught up in both the technicalities and the possibilities that a good governance system can offer to organizations and the world. But if we are truly intent on leaving the world a better place than how we found it, what is really needed, and how do we play our parts in the precious amount of time we've got? Drawing on personal stories and illustrations, Susan explores "three easy steps" for making the world a better place.



  • Keynote
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  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee