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Susan Stillman, EdD - Fielding Graduate University. Tucson, AZ, US

Susan Stillman, EdD Susan Stillman, EdD

Adjunct Faculty - School of Leadership Studies | Fielding Graduate University


Committed to positive change through emotional intelligence





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What is Empathy? Q&A with Dr. Susan Stillman Emotional Intelligence: Going on an Empathy Adventure:  Susan Stillman and Edwin Rutsch




Susan Stillman, EdD, is a 2007 Fielding ELC graduate. She is the Director of Education for the world’s largest emotional intelligence (EQ) network and dedicated to supporting all educators in the teaching, practice, and measurement of EQ. She is a former K-12 school counselor and has consulted on the implementation of social emotional learning principles and practices around the world. Former chair of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Special Interest Group at AERA, she offers training, strategic planning, and research assistance for both K-12 schools and universities who wish to integrate SEL into their programs. Dr. Stillman currently teaches IECD 206 and IECD 307 to students in the Infant and Early Childhood Social Emotional Development program in the School of Leadership Studies at Fielding Graduate University. She also mentors students and chairs doctoral committees.

Dr. Stillman is the lead trainer for EQ for Educators, EQ Tools for Education, and EQ Practitioner Certification courses for Six Seconds. In addition to EQ, Dr. Stillman has expertise in educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, social emotional learning, school counseling, and grounded theory methodology. Her current research focuses on EQ and the application of social emotional learning in schools and with students, teachers, and administrators, world-wide.

Dr Stillman is a former Fellow of the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University, and a National Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor.

Industry Expertise (3)



Health and Wellness

Areas of Expertise (5)

Social Emotional Learning Practices for Educators

School Counseling Practices That Support Student Growth and Supportive School Climate

Developing Skills and Practices for Educational Leaders

Supporting Educators Well-Being and Balance

Assessment of Individual & Group EQ Competencies

Education (3)

Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA: Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Change 2007

Norwich University, Vermont College, Brattleboro, VT: CAGS, Integrated Studies in Counseling and Education: Social and Emotional Learning, 2001 2001

Excellence in Education Award, 1999

Antioch New England Graduate School, Putney, VT: M.Ed., Counseling 1972

Affiliations (6)

  • Arizona School Counselor Association : Member
  • American School Counselor Association : Member
  • National Board for Certified Counselors : Member
  • American Educational Research Association : Member
  • Grounded Theory Institute : Member
  • Six Seconds EQ Certified Associates : Director of Education Global Office

Media Appearances (5)

Increasing Vitality with Social Emotional Learning

SixSeconds  online


A growing body of research shows that youth who learn social emotional skills have better grades, happiness, and life success. Google “social emotional learning” and you’ll get 20,400,000 results in .36 seconds. With all that data, where to begin? What’s the most useful information for understanding the impact of social emotional learning (SEL) and learning to apply it in our schools?...

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The gift of gratitude

SixSeconds  online


It’s Thanksgiving in the US and the traditional start of the Holiday season. For me, it’s a time to intentionally reflect on gratitude for my family, friends, and my incredibly dear colleagues around the world who are engaged in such important work in spreading EQ and social emotional learning and living it in the process. I so value your courage and passion and friendship...

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Recap: Graduating EQ–Strategies for EQ in Higher Ed webinar

SixSeconds  online


Higher Education has changed dramatically since I went to college. Extraordinary diversity abounds. Part time and online learning is the norm. Technology has forever altered the nature of education. Changing workplace challenges exist and higher education must respond to the needs of a global marketplace. Stress and competition are omnipresent...

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ISEL: A great place to learn

SixSeconds  online


For many teachers, the best part of winter is a “SNOW DAY.” If you don’t have snow days where you teach or live, you might now know that a “snow day” is when school’s cancelled due to, well, too much snow. We’ve had a lot of snow days this winter in certain areas of the US. Snow is disappearing at an alarming rate, so snow days may soon be a thing of the past, but, this year, we’ve had lots of the white stuff, and in many districts, lots of snow days...

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EQ Updates from the Sunny Southwest

SixSeconds  online


Many school districts, universities, and organizations in the vicinity of Phoenix are enjoying the benefits of emotional intelligence and training their staff and students in the skills of Social Emotional Learning. In partnership with Casa, a local organization dedicated to bringing EQ to schools and communities throughout Arizona, Six Seconds has been able to work with hundreds of teachers, administrators, SEL specialists, counselors, and parents. Participants in our training courses tell us they have discovered the value and joy of EQ in their own lives as well as in their work with students, parents, and colleagues...

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Event Appearances (5)

Using EQ Assessments to Support Positive Personal and Organizational Change

(2015) Planetree Annual Conference  Boston, MA

Hard Facts about Soft Skills

(2015) AzSCA  Phoenix, AZ

Case Studies: Measuring Student Outcomes with SEL Assessments

(2015) AzSCA  Phoenix, AZ


(2013) 4th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence  New York, NY

Empathy and Conflict Resolution

(2013) Global Summit on Negotiation and Trust  Phoenix, AZ

Articles (5)

School counselors use data to tune into the emotional drivers of learning Arizona School Counselor Association Newsletter

(Summer, 2015)

Using data to tune into the emotional drivers of learning American Educational Research Association: Advances in SEL Research, 8

(Fall 2014)

Technology, healthy classrooms, and emotional intelligence TechEdge/Journal of the Texas Computer Educational Association

(2012) Fatum, B., & Stillman. TechEdge, 1, 12-16.

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School counseling supervisors: Empowered to lead by negotiating the system Journal of School Counseling Research and Practice

(2011) Cicero, G., & Stillman, S. B.

Multimodal communication: A case study of organizational discourse and one-to-one mentoring at an online university IGI Global

(2011) Shaw, M., Stillman, S. B., Cicero, G., Cross, D., & Lessard, D. In U. Demiray, G. Kurubacak, & T. V.Yuzer (Eds.), Meta-Communication for Reflective Online Conversations. Hersey, PA.