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From the age of three years, Susanna wore hearing aids and was raised in a hearing world. Because of her hearing loss, she had many challenges in her life - the utmost being speech and communication difficulties; however, these challenges did not stop her from believing in her dreams and becoming a success in her chosen profession or her favorite pastime!

Susanna was mainstreamed in public schools and graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree. She went on to pursue another dream by working for cruise ships for several years as a Casino Cashier/Cruise Staff member for several leading cruise lines. Then she begin a career in Retail Management.

During the summer of 2005, her life changed drastically when she was thrown into the deaf world, literally and physically. She suffered “Single Sided Sudden Deafness” in her left ear and lost the remainder of her hearing, having had hardly any residual hearing in her right ear, she could no longer hear, even with her hearing aids. Susanna was truly deaf and suddenly realized the true legal definition of “deafness.” She was devastated and began to think differently about her life. After all, she knew only the hearing world – and her career, family, social ties and friends – all lived in that hearing world. She was a competitor in the world of Arabian show horses – and she needed to hear the announcer.

After agonizing for six months without hearing, she finally received a cochlear implant. And then she began to learn how to cope with the noise - the rehabilitation process was not quick and easy! However, she prevailed and eventually she heard clear sound again. A year later, she had her other ear implanted. Today, Susanna is very grateful for her cochlear implants.

Susanna has had many challenges in the work force. Discrimination, unemployment, and communication difficulties did not stop her from reaching her goals, nor having a successful fifteen year plus professional career in Retail Management.

Her first children's book, “Sunny and her Cochlear Implants” has just been released. Susanna is also a published writer chronicling her experiences with her horse "B. A. Megiddo" for the "Arabian Horse Times" in 2001.

Susanna’s favorite pastime is spent in training and showing Arabian performance horses and her horses continue to be a source of inspiration because they, too, overcame physical disabilities to be a success in the show ring and life itself!

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South West Texas State University: Bachelor's of Science, Fashion Merchandising 1989

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"Dare to Be Different"

National Hearing Loss Association Convention  Washington DC


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"One Decision"

Are you afraid to change? Are you afraid to make those big life-changing decisions in your life? Susanna shares her life-changing decision with her humorous, educational and inspirational message about her hearing loss and cochlear implants. You will discover that you can change your life for the better after hearing Susanna's powerful message.



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