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Susanne Moore

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Thought Leader and Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Researcher Gender Economics




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A true entrepreneur, Susanne has experienced both the good and the tough end of the business life cycle. Losing her business in 2010 she started out for the second time to rebuild her life after losing her business, her career, all her assets and her relationship of 17 years. She is now on a pathway to build enough wealth to gain some of the lost ground and again set herself up for success.

This life changing event caused her to embark on a whole new life, and a career developing the new field of Gender Economics and Diversity Economics. As a result, Susanne developed the Diversity Program Review Framework which measures both a Diversity program’s standalone effectiveness from a program management perspective, and assesses the viability of program’s data for further research in Diversity Economics and as input into organisational profitability and sustainability creating the next generation of Business Transformation.

She now consults to organisations and boards to help them understand the benefits of a balanced gender mix to increase their level of innovation and performance and speaks to groups about the way that economic policy is formed with gender biases that can in turn affect policy decisions and disadvantage gendered groups.

Susanne has proven experience as a Company Director, Executive Manager and Program Management professional in large scale Business Transformation projects across Government, Utilities, Telco, Finance, Insurance, Banking, Education, and Retail. As an experienced Management Consultant, she has extensive experience in negotiating and managing outsourced contracts and transformational change in transitional environments across a range of industries.

Industry Expertise (9)

Program Development

Corporate Leadership

IT Services/Consulting


Management Consulting

Professional Training and Coaching


Human Resources

Information Technology and Services

Areas of Expertise (9)


Changing Women

Effectiveness of Gender Diversity Programs


Gender Economics


Innovation Through Diversity

Business Transformation

Women in Business

Accomplishments (6)

Founder, Changing Women Forum (personal)


Changing the world one woman at a time.

Founder and Managing Director Synergy Management Solutions (professional)


Consulting company founded in 1997.

Committee Member Australian Standards - International Member (professional)

ICT Corporate Governance Committee

National Judge AIPM Project Management Awards (professional)

PMI International Leadership Committee (professional)

Project Management

Founding Member and Past President PMI Queensland (professional)

Project Management Institute

Education (3)

Griffith University, Queensland Australia: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology 2012

Currently studying sociology with a focus on gender studies. Estimate to complete this degree course in early 2013

Charles Sturt University: Applied Science, Computing

Completed 3 years part time study.

St George Technical College: Dip, Architectural Drafting 1979

Affiliations (3)

  • Australian Human Resources Institude (AHRI)
  • AHRI, Australian Human Resources Industry CAHRI

Testimonials (3)

Raylene Preuss , Program Specialist, PI PMO Suncorp | PMIQ Chapter Event

I recently attended Susanne’s presentation on Gender Economics and Diversity Economics to the PMI Queensland Chapter. These are clearly topic she is passionate about, as was evident in her enthusiastic and thorough presentation. As western society struggles to achieve balance in relation to diversity (gender, race, creed and sexual preference), Susanne’s research is taking place at the coal face. Identifying the connections between diversity and profit will catapult the diversity debate out the murky waters of morality and into the stratosphere of economic realities. Susanne is an energetic and engaging speaker who knows her topic. I would recommend anyone exploring diversity to hear what she has to contribute to the conversation.

Michael Morahan, President Queensland Project Management Institude (PMIQ) | PMIQ Chapter Event

Susanne delivers an informative and thought provoking presentation on a complex and potentially divisive topic. She clearly articulates a very compelling case and engages well with the audience, balancing the seriousness of the argument with well timed moments of levity and humour.

Christian Le Loux, Managing Director | Diversity Sourcing: A new paradigm for Sourcers

“Uplifting, entertaining and enlightening… Susanne Moore is a high energy presenter who speaks with eloquence and authority on the topics of Gender Diversity, Diversity Economics and Social Policy. Susanne cuts to the core of the issues and enters the debate with a completely fresh and innovative perspective. When chairing the Diversity panel at the 2012 Australasian Sourcing Summit, Susanne sincerely connected with attendees not only with her message, but also the down-to-earth manner in which it was delivered.”

Event Appearances (8)

Convenor Gender Economics Global Conference

Gender Economics Global Conference  Sydney Australia


Why Gender Economics what has lead me to this pathway Presentation to EPWN 28 May 2013

European Professional Women's Network (EPWN)  Madrid Spain


The Commodifaction of Skills - Is the war on Talent not seeing the wood for the trees

Project Manager Meet up  Sydney, Australia


What is Gender Economics and Diversity Economics and how will it affect Executive Managers and Project Managers

Project Management Institude (PMIQ) Queensland  Brisbane Queensland Australia


Diversity Sourcing: A new paradigm for Sourcers

SOSU (Sourcing Summit Sydney 2012)  Sydney Australia


Dealing with the Boys Club

  Cairns, Queensland Australia

Managing Diversity, the mobile and flexible workplace


PMI Hypotethical

PMI Brisbane  Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Sample Talks (5)

Gender Economics and Diversity for Organisations

Building frameworks and metrics for gender diversity programs to measure their impact on bottom line profitability. Expanding these metrics to measure the economic input of gender diversity programs.

Gender Economics

In the gender economy, we have reduced portions of the population to passive consumers, making indirect economic input rather than direct input. Stabilising the balance between indirect and direct impact has a role developing our economic future.

The commodifacation of Project Management, Outsouring and Diversity

There are many extremely experienced and highly skilled program and project manage with successful projects behind with excellent management skills and delivery success behind them, but they can't get jobs. Why not? They are considered 'generatists'. What we mean by skills shortage is 'skills as commodities', that is; we have spent so much time over process-tising everything, methodologising things within an inch of their lives and putting too much focus on 'specialisation.

Changing Women

Harness and embrace gender diversity in your organization. Discover ways to shift the traditional paradigms of business and explore positive strategies to attract the best resources. If your organization wants to employ and retain talented women and promote female leadership then Changing Women is for you.

Dealing with the Boys Club

Project management can be affected by the quality of the project manager’s organisation and their management. The integrity of the organisation and its competency affect both project outcomes and the team members involved. Traditional methods of management can incorporate a number of negative influences and one of these is the ‘Boys Club’ mentality and it will have an impact on management decisions.



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1000 to 6000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee