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Sushma Sharma - Fielding Graduate University. Mumbai, , IN

Sushma Sharma Sushma Sharma

Public Trustee | Fielding Graduate University

Mumbai, INDIA

Founder-CEO and the spirit behind and an ever-evolving co-creator of Resonate Consulting


Sushma Sharma is the founder-CEO and the spirit behind and an ever-evolving co-creator of Resonate Consulting. A passionate learner, she has learned through 27 years of intense and expansive work in the field of Organization Development. She has learnt that people and organizations who can dream and work together to create the institutions of their dreams are “built to last”.

Sushma has developed and offered unique programs which help individuals and organizations explore and push their boundaries. These programs are designed to facilitate organizations in achieving transformational change through their people. She focuses on developing the “Presence and Essence” of individuals through her model of discovery “showing-knowing-growing-flowing.”

Sushma was felicitated by L&OD Roundtable in India and was awarded the “Learning Luminary” in June 2012. Sushma is past president of ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences). She has been a Board Member of NTL (NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science) USA, IODA and ODI. Currently, she is Co-steward Communities of Practice - Personal Growth, NTL Institute. She is an Appreciative Inquiry co-owner and has exclusive rights to use the Geert Hofstede model of Intercultural management in India

Industry Expertise (1)

Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise (4)

Human Organizational and Development Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Development Leadership Strategy

Accomplishments (1)

CEO & Founder of Resonate Consulting (professional)

Organization Development firm in India

Affiliations (1)

  • Board Member of NTL Institute for Applied Behavior Science