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Suzanne Paschall

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Suzanne Paschall is a passionate and purposeful serial entrepreneur, publisher, author and musician. She founded Indie Ink Publishing in 2009, and in 2013 with an uber-talented team, she morphed it from an innovative collaborative indie publisher into a boutique author-expert brand development and publishing company that serveD a select group of author-expert clients. Indie's mission: To bring those fresh ideas, voices and perspectives whose moments have arrived to the Canadian and international stages, and to ensure those voices make the most impact on their intended audiences, and a positive impact on society.

After eight years in publishing and authoring non-fiction books, Suzanne decided to get out of the publishing end of book production and focus her energy on the author rather than the book. From what she'd learned, she created a training program for authors called the Discovery Program, which is now one focus of her new company, FreshVoice, a coaching and training program for non-fiction authors.
The FreshVoice Academy online training takes her one-on-one work to the self-directed learning level, debuting in January, 2017.

With a 30-year background in major markets in the US and Canada in advertising, public relations, marketing, community relations, adult education/workplace learning and publishing, Suzanne brings a wealth of senior experience, creativity, passion and challenge to to her innovative company, her clients and her audiences.

In her early 20s she left her home state of Kansas to pursue a career as a journalist, ending up in public relations and advertising in New York City, which led her to Canada, where she has lived and worked for nearly 30 years. During a multifaceted and award winning career, Suzanne published two CDs of original jazz music, led a band called Jump Me Martha, wrote a book on entrepreneurs, started a publishing company, was chief public relations executive of two universities, and had a beautiful daughter, Lucy.

She is a colorful and entertaining speaker and workshop facilitator on a variety of topics.

Industry Expertise (8)

Social Media

Writing and Editing




Public Relations and Communications


Events Services

Areas of Expertise (8)


Collaborative Publishing

Personal Branding

Independent Publishing


Interactive Books



Accomplishments (4)

Tourism Saskatchewan Creative Excellence Award (professional)


This award was given to Suzanne for authoring Birth of a Boom: Lives & Legacies of Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs, a book featuring 13 biographies of successful business leaders, as well as her musical contribution to tourism by starting and performing for five years on the "Swingin' on the Saskatchewan" dinner concert cruises on the Saskatoon Princess River Boat.

Saskatchewan Tourism Marketing Excellence Award (professional)


For marketing excellence in tourism by starting, performing in and promoting for five years the "Swingin' on the Saskatchewan" dinner concert cruises on the Saskatoon Princess River Boat.

Kansas Bar Association 1980 Media Award (professional)


Given for a three-part series written on the Kansas state adoption system (one of the most closed systems in the US at the time, and historically). Written while a student of journalism at the Kansas State Collegian newspaper.

Gold Award for Book Design, Illustrated Category (professional)


One of the awards given by PubWest, the professional association for independent publishers in western US/Canada. For the book Blown Away: a year in the life of a tornado hunter, by Greg Johnson, published by Indie Ink Publishing.

Education (2)

University of Calgary: Master of Adult Education, Workplace Learning 2000

Kansas State University: Bachelor of Science, Journalism & Mass Communications 1980

Affiliations (8)

  • National Crowdfunding Association of Canada
  • PubWest
  • Saskatchewan Publishers Group
  • Association of Canadian Publishers
  • Kansas State University
  • University of Calgary
  • Marymount College, New York City
  • READ Saskatoon

Languages (1)

  • English

Sample Talks (4)

Crowdfunding 101: What is it, & How You Get Started

Crowdfunding is the newest way for small business, charities, community groups and individuals to fund their projects, and most recently, companies. Many people don't really understand what it's all about. In this informative primer, entrepreneur & crowdfunder Suzanne Paschall of Indie Ink Publishing explains the basics, giving examples of successful campaigns and drawing on her experience with campaigns and as Ambassador of the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada. Great for: crowdfunding novices, those who counsel CF novices, associations of authors/cultural industries, entrepreneurs, anyone interested in learning more about crowdfunding.

Prairie Entrepreneurs: A Different Breed

The author of "Birth of a Boom: Lives & Legacies of Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs" explores just what it is about Prairie entrepreneurs that sets them apart from their counterparts. Suzanne Paschall uses lively storytelling with examples from her biographical book and her own experience as an entrepreneur, as well as stats that may surprise you. Great for: business/entrepreneurship groups/conferences, student business/entrepreneurship groups. Community groups across prairies (Chamber, SUMA, SARM, Community Futures, SEDA, SREDA, etc.)

Finding Your Path: The Breadcrumb Theory

In this imaginative presentation that is at once humorous and dramatic, Suzanne shares her theory of finding your path to entrepreneurship by looking backward at the breadcrumbs that you've dropped in your path to guide you back to your home. She takes audiences on an inspiring and often rocky journey from small town Kansas schoolkid writing in her 5th grade travel journal to the New York advertising world, to Canadian university PR executive to jazz singer/songwriter to author and finally to editor and publisher of the innovative boutique publishing house, Indie Ink, where she now helps others tell their stories in unique and creative forms, and where she brings all her life skills and experience (as Pamela Slim calls it, her "body of work") together in harmony. Great for: women, entrepreneurs, students, writers

Futurebooks: The New Publishing Landscape

We now have amazing options in storytelling that allow us to stretch our minds and our definitions from “books, writers and readers” to “content, creators and experiencers/users”. Does this mean that most romantic childhood memory of reading by flashlight under the covers is to be a thing of the past, stowed away in the time capsule of obsolescence? Maybe...maybe not. Suzanne Paschall of Indie Ink Publishing, publisher of books in all forms (including their first interactive non-fiction book in 2014) advocates for the right story told in the right form at the right time in this entertaining look at the world of Futurebooks. You'll be amazed at what's happening in the world of books, and how readers are choosing to buy and read (or experience) books (or content). Great for: publishing/writer/tech conferences, book-lover sessions, book clubs, business/entrepreneur clubs.



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