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Suzanne Seggerman

Co-founder, Advisor | Games for Change


Funny, inspiring speaker who believes that video games have the power to change the world - for the better!

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Media - Online

Computer Gaming

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Popular Media and Driving Positive Social Change

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Video Games Can Change the World - for the Better!

Video games are growing up. No longer the realm of teenage boys in their basements, games are being played by everyone - young and old. And as they grow in cultural influence, the are evolving into a more mature - and meaningful - medium. Games are now being used to address such serious issues as poverty, climate change and global hunger. Peacemaker, a game about the Middle East conflict is being player by millions of people around the world - including both Palestinian and Israeli young people. Food Force, a game created by the United Nations World Food Program, has been played by more than 10 million people around the world. Let me take you inside some of these new social impact games and show you and your audience just how powerful these games can be.