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Tamera Nielsen - InView LLC. East Lansing, MI, US

Tamera Nielsen

Wellness Consultant/Author/Speaker | InView LLC


As a Wellness Consultant for the 40+ professional, particularly men over 50, Tamera helps individuals to attain & maintain optimum wellness.



As a Wellness Consultant for the 40+ professional, particularly men over 50, Tamera Nielsen helps individuals to attain and maintain optimum wellness. A pro at transforming adversity into abundance, her presentations and workshops are enthusiastic, engaging, and conducted with extraordinary empathy and expertise.
A self-taught, self-employed Business Development Consultant-turned- Survivor Wellness Consultant/Author/Speaker, Tamera lightens, enlightens, and lifts everyone she meets .
By age 45, Tamera Nielsen had survived and prevailed over rape, life-threatening diseases, near-death experiences, every form of abuse; endured numerous surgeries and thousands of medical tests, and more.
Through her inspiring story, she will share the lessons and the insights she has acquired along her journey to help you maintain courage; instill hope to conquer challenges; create healthy relationships; and ultimately live a life full of passion, peace, joy, abundance, and overall wellness – no matter the form of the storm surrounding you.
Tamera has been in situations that most of us dare not even imagine. Through sheer perseverance, resourcefulness, and determination, she has overcome the obstacles in her life and faced the challenges with seemingly blind and unwavering faith. Her presentations are motivational, inspirational, and enlightening; providing you with the resources you need to transform adversities into opportunities.

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Wellness for Road Warriors

For the professional who's a slave to air travel, road travel, hotels, and the constant pressure of being ?on?, this lively presentation provides practical and off-beat insight on how to boost energy, reduce stress, improve mobility, and manage weight and wellness on the road.


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2000 to 4000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee