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Tara Furiani Tara Furiani

Director of Sales Training & Development | Tara Furiani Training


Learning & Development Extraordinaire!



Internationally experienced human resources, training and talent management executive with 13 years spent developing expertise in high impact facilitation, optimizing hr support, developing performance & talent management programs, enterprise level training, learning strategy, e-learning implementation, performance leadership, blended learning, department management, and organizational development.

Energetic champion of employee development, company relations and corporate communications; exceptionally savvy with LMS systems, e-learning, all aspects of human resources management, sales, leadership, customer service, closing and telephone training.

Hands-on experience designing and developing diverse training programs from the ground up by: Analyzing current training business practices and products; Creating a strategy for both short term and long term growth; Identifying and branding a department personality; Focusing on reducing change management pain; conceptualizing and implementing corporate University programs with high success rates.

Routinely learn and utilize ever-changing technologies to improve operations; frequently serve as liaison or SME for variety of issues and topics.

Easy-going yet decisive management style, technical knowledge, public speaking and sales training based on strong communication skills.

Skilled in performing accurate needs assessment to create globally-focused, multi-location, engaging, training programs.

Tara is a featured blogger for the National Apartment Association:

As well as an active blogger for Multifamily Insiders:

Check out an interview, veteran trainer & e-learning expert, Tara, gave to Maestro e-Learning:

Industry Expertise (3)

Health and Wellness


Real Estate Dev/Ops

Areas of Expertise (3)

Sales Training

Technology in Learning


Education (2)

Loyola Marymount University: BBA, Management/Marketing 2002

Graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Loyola Marymount University: MBA, Organizational Development

Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Affiliations (8)

  • National Apartment Association
  • Toastmasters
  • Society for Human Resources Professionals
  • American Marketing Association and Dale Carnegie!
  • American Society for Training & Development
  • Direct Marketing Association

Testimonials (11)

Lindsay Bodey, Training Manager | Coram Specialty Infusion

“I had the honor to have Tara as a mentor! As a mentor, Tara is motivating, inspiring, and has this aura about her that is infectious. As a colleague, Tara's enthusiasm and dedication to the training world make you want to be a better trainer! It would be an honor to work for Tara in the near future!”

Shannon Rico, Regional Director | The Sterling Group

“Tara is unique, creative, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to succesfully train, and capture the attention of the attendee is unparalleled. It's because of these qualities, that I have enlisted the help of Tara in developing my team members within my Region. I have also enjoyed her coaching as I sought to further my own professional development. Of particular value to me as a colleauge of Tara's, is her enthusiastic approach to training and marketing, her persuit of exceeding customer expectations, externally and internally and her encouragement as a friend. I regularly wittnessed unsolicited praise from her supervisors as well as other Sterling colleagues. Tara is a hardworking, top-performing Training and Marketing Directo

Olivia Montell, Area Marketing Manager | The Sterling Group

“Tara is responsible for our Marketing and Training at The Sterling Group. Tara is dedicated, hardworking and makes each and every one of our webinars fun and interesting. Tara goes above and beyond to make sure we are doing everything we can to meeting our goals and succeeding. Tara is extremely organized, reliable and has excellent communication skills.”

Monica Johnson, Leasing Consultant | The Sterling Group

“Tara's Leasing Training courses are very informational and exciting to attend. They cater to season veterans and new leasing agents to establish a rock solid foundation in closing and assisting our clients with happy new homes. Would recommend her courses for all levels of Property Management.”

Jonathan Saar, VP of Training | The Training Factor

“Tara brings so much insight to multifamily education. I first connected with her via her own personal blog. Her passion and enthusiasm for this industry oozes with every word. In all of her interactions in the digital space she demonstrates her clear determination to facilitate the needs of her team. Training is part of her heart and soul. I would recommend Tara for any type of training session for the apartment industry. She is a clear and proficient communicator. She is enthusiastic and a competent professional. She also is quick to help others when she can which is truly a remarkable quality.”

Tiffany Rabb, Property Manager | The Sterling Group

“I am writing this recommendation for Tara with the highest regards. I have had the opportunity to train under Tara through several hands on courses and webinars. Her knowledge of the Property Management Field is exquisite. Tara has a mind full of ideas that are proven to help you succeed. When attending her classes her personality draws you in to the lesson. Her cheerful tone, funny "leasing war" stories and interaction with everyone in the class keeps you wanting more. Tara's coaching style has helped shaped me into a better property management professional. I am happy to say she is my Role Model. I look forward to learning more and working with her in the future.”

Pat Harris, SVP/Creative Partner | Buntin Group

“Delightfully fun and energetic, while abundantly smart and sharp as a tack- Tara makes the work as solid as it can be and the process just as enjoyable. She works hard to know every detail about her company inside and out- and to routinely identify and develop strategies in which to strengthen return across the board. Tara is very committed at what she does. And it is pleasantly apparent that she loves doing it. Her fun go-gettum-ness becomes contagious to her team and all those around her. You’ll love her.”

Ben Roberts, Sr. Account Executive | Buntin Group

“Tara is a master of branded communication. From developing strategies and leading implementation of targeted tactics, to creation of sound business plans and efficient measurement of ROI, she has it all. She is a great team player thanks to her excellent communication, ability to successfully multi-task, her hunger to challenge herself and others and the outgoing personality that welcomes everyone in on the same level.”

David Edwards, Sr. VP Group Account Director | Buntin Group

“Tara is a quick and responsive decision maker who provides succinct direction on all projects. She is strategically focused while adderssing the tactical details. She keeps several projects moving at all times and is very detail oriented, always knowing exactly where things are at any moment. She is very fair, open to recommendations.and a pleasure to work with.”

Bob Brennan, Master Trainer | Dale Carnegie Training

“As a recipient, I am looking for someone who can connect with me as a person and speak to my dilemma. That's Tara. She engages me by verbally reaching into my life and giving me hope about the workplace. Tara is with you in a presentation, not above, not below, and she makes it known very early on that she cares about the people she speaks to by making direct eye contact, caring, emoting, and presenting relevant content in a way that I want to act! It's a pleasure to work alongside Tara as my team member because she puts forth 100% all the time. Where does she get all that energy? It's fine if you want to consider her the cream of the crop! I trust her.

Cindy Benson, Global Corporate Master Training VP | Dale Carnegie Training

“Tara is a strong business professional with dynamic and motivating energy. She hold herself to high standards and inspires those around her to do the same. Tara is a person of her word - when she says she will make it happen she does! I had the honor to work with Tara in a challenging work environment. She rose to every challenge and provided an example for others in strong attitude and motivation. She is a competent and capable business professional and facilitator. I look forward to working with her again.”



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