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Tarun Bhasin - International Data Corporation (IDC). Toronto, ON, CA

Tarun Bhasin Tarun Bhasin

Research Director, Datacentre Infrastructure | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Research Director for Datacentre Infrastructure at IDC Canada.


Tarun Bhasin is Research Director, Datacentre Infrastructure for the Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions research team. In his role he provides market share, market sizing and segmentation analysis and identifies and analyzes market trends, vendor strategies, customer behavior, and technologies affecting the server market in Canada.

In addition, Tarun is also the regional lead for the Quarterly Server Tracker, the Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker and the Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker. IDC quarterly trackers are the premier tool for analyzing, measuring and forecasting various product markets, with the most accurate and timely information on changes, trends, and activities impacting the market.

Tarun also supports his clients through custom research and consulting projects.

Prior to joining IDC Canada, Tarun Bhasin spent over 4 years as a Senior Product Manager with a leading Canadian manufacturer of technology products. Tarun has also spent 3 years working in various sales and operation roles for a consumer bank in India. Tarun has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Canada and a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) with Honors from the University of Delhi, India.

Areas of Expertise (4)


Converged Architecture


Enterprise It

Associated IDC Services (4)

  • Canadian Sales Accelerator: Datacenter Infrastructure
  • Quarterly Server Tracker - Canada Region
  • Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker - Canada Region
  • Quarterly Enterprise Infrastructure Tracker - Canada Region


Education (2)

University of Western Ontario: M.B.A., Business

University of Delhi: B.A., Economics

Languages (2)

  • Punjabi
  • English

Media Appearances (2)

IDC Canada Releases 7 New Forecasts for Canadian ICT Market: Many Markets Exceed Expectations in 2017, as the Canadian Economy and the Race Toward Digital Transformation Encourage ICT Spending

IDC  online


IDC Canada releases 7 new forecast documents, including Canadian Server Forecast, 2018-2022 (IDC#CA42531418). Tarun Bhasin provides comments on this forecast.

Media Appearance Image

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Canadian firms not rushing to leave Windows Server 2003

IT World Canada  


Canadian companies have become too “comfortable” with Windows Sever 2003 and are not likely to migrate to a newer system in the short term despite the looming deadline for Microsoft Corp.’s support for the server operating system, according to analyst firm IDC Canada.

Microsoft is ending support for WS 2003 on July 14 this year. A number of analysts believe this leaves organizations that have yet to map out their migration paths very little time to figure out the complexities of updating machines to the newer Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 or more the cloud. Microsoft estimates the server migration process will take at least 200 days and application migration will take more than 300 days.

Research figures from IDC Canada indicate that approximately 70 per cent or large firms and 60 per cent of medium sized firms in the country still have some instances of WS 2003 installed.

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Reports (8)

Canadian Datacenter Infrastructure Action Item, 2Q20: The Impact of COVID-19 IDC Canada

Dave Pearson, Tarun Bhasin, Yogesh Shivhare, Nigel Wallis


This IDC Market Presentation discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian infrastructure market from macroeconomic, supply, and demand perspectives. It examines which sectors, segments, and industries are likely to be hardest hit and what technologies may be most and least affected by changes in buying patterns in 2020 and beyond.

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Canadian Datacenter Infrastructure Network Equipment Vendor Snapshots, 4Q19 IDC Canada

Yogesh Shivhare, Dave Pearson, Tarun Bhasin, Kevin Lonergan


This IDC Market Presentation examines the year-over-year changes in the overall datacenter infrastructure networking equipment ecosystem — notably switching, enterprise and service provider routing, and enterprise-grade wireless LAN (WLAN). The document compares 4Q18 and 4Q19 performance based on IDC tracker data. It also provides competitive positioning in the form of revenue market share for key named vendors in each of those submarkets.

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Canadian Datacenter Infrastructure Market Snapshot, 1Q20 IDC Canada

Tarun Bhasin, Kevin Lonergan, Dave Pearson, Yogesh Shivhare


This IDC Market Presentation examines the year-over-year changes in the overall datacenter infrastructure ecosystem — notably servers, storage, and networking equipment. It also provides competitive positioning in the form of revenue market share for key named vendors in each of those submarkets.

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Canadian Infrastructure 2019 Market Update IDC Canada

Dave Pearson, Tarun Bhasin, Kevin Lonergan, Yogesh Shivhare


This IDC Market Presentation highlights the market update for the Canadian infrastructure market, 2019. Canadian infrastructure hardware market continues to experience single digit growth — 3.0% on average over the past five years. The composition of this market, from both product and leadership standpoints, continues to evolve as new deployment modalities, the advent of new technologies, and price pressures from suppliers and end users push vendors to adapt their portfolios to meet the needs of Canadian organization.

This document details the makeup of infrastructure hardware revenue in compute, storage, and networking ecosystems as well as subtechnologies and how those revenues have evolved over the past five years in Canada. It also outlines the top 10 vendors across all segments in Canada, with additional detail on the top 5.

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Canadian Server Market Shares, 2018: A Year of Strong Growth as Global Service Providers Expand Capacity in Canada IDC Canada

Tarun Bhasin


This IDC study discusses how the Canadian server market performed in 2018 overall and by vendor. It will help suppliers figure out what worked and what didn't work over the past year by correlating vendors' strategies with their market results.

"2018 was a very good year for server vendors in Canada, with double-digit revenue growth for the market. But things may change in 2019 as some of the factors that drove the 2018 revenue growth, including the strong service provider growth, high federal spending, and higher average selling values, are expected to disappear. But there are still pockets of growth within the market that vendors can target to gain share. One such growth segment that stands out is the hyperconverged systems segment, which is expected to continue to show double-digit growth in 2019 and beyond," says Tarun Bhasin, research director, Datacentre Infrastructure at IDC Canada.

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Canadian Server Forecast, 2019–2023 IDC Canada

Tarun Bhasin


This IDC study details the performance of the Canadian server market during 2018 and presents a forecast for the market for the 2019–2023 period. Detailed forecasts and the underlying assumptions and rationale used to develop the forecasts are provided.

"2018 server revenue in Canada was boosted due to growth in unit shipments as well as strong growth in the average selling value of servers. While we expect the shipment growth to continue in 2019, the revenue is expected to decline by over 10% due to a decline in average selling values," says Tarun Bhasin, research director, Infrastructure Solutions, at IDC Canada. "As organizations grapple with the challenges of digital transformation and adopting next-generation workloads, to be successful, vendors should focus on selling solutions that will help customers overcome these emerging challenges."

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Brand Perceptions of Server Vendors in Canada, 2019 IDC Canada

Tarun Bhasin


This IDC Market Presentation provides an analysis of Canadian brand perceptions of server vendors. It is part of an annual series of brand perception documents that cover the various infrastructure hardware markets in Canada. Brand awareness, along with customers' perceptions, was measured against 10 key buying criteria used for evaluating vendors when purchasing server hardware.

The purpose of this analysis was to discover:
- What buying criteria customers are using to purchase server hardware
- How Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Lenovo, and Oracle each measure up against the top buying criteria.

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Canadian Server Market Overview, 2017 IDC Canada

Tarun Bhasin


This IDC Market Presentation reviews the 2017 performance of the server market and the major server hardware vendors in Canada. The information contained in this document will help server vendors in Canada better understand their performance and positioning relative to that of their competitors. Vendors can use this document to identify pockets of opportunity and competitive threats as they try to grow in this mature market. The data in this document is based on IDC's Canadian Quarterly Server Tracker.

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