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Tema Frank

Chief Instigator | Frank Reactions

Edmonton, AB, CANADA

Customer Experience in the Digital Era, & Women in the Workplace // L'experience client, service à la clientèle, & Femmes au travail



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Customer Service on Twitter: Examples of good, bad & ugly service replies to a Tweet for help The 10 Commandments of Customer Service on Twitter Metrics Madness: Social & Digital Media Measurement & ROI Build Your Business With Online Marketing


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Best-selling author, customer experience consultant, and international speaker, Tema (rhymes with Emma) Frank released her second book, PeopleShock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule, in 2016 and it quickly became an Amazon best-seller.

Her first book, Canada’s Best Employers for Women: A guide for job hunters, employees and employers, was a business and careers best-seller when it was released two decades ago, and an update is in progress.

Tema has done many media appearances in English et en français, including on Canada AM, CBC National News, Radio Canada, and many local radio and television programs. She has also been interviewed recently on many podcasts. (Visit to hear them.)

A digital marketing pioneer, in 2001 she founded Web Mystery Shoppers International Inc., the world’s first company to test omnichannel customer service: web, phone, chat, email and in-store.

Using social media techniques before social media existed, she built a database of 75,000 “mystery shoppers” worldwide.

Clients have included the Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of America, Expedia, several government departments, and other organizations large and small.

Her industry-leading research has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Globe & Mail and many other publications. Tema’s weekly Frank Reactions podcast on customer experience can be found on iTunes or at

She has also taught digital marketing strategy at universities in Canada and France. Elle a donné des cours en français et en anglais.

Industry Expertise (10)


Corporate Leadership



Human Resources


Market Research

Social Media



Areas of Expertise (4)

Customer Experience

User Experience (UX)

Digital Marketing

Women & Work

Accomplishments (1)

TIAW Word of Difference Award (personal)


The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) World of Difference Award recognizes extraordinary individuals whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally or worldwide. "Tema Frank has for three decades dedicated her considerable energy and service orientation to improve and enhance the role of women in the workplace. As a skilled researcher, she has championed the need to encourage women-friendly workplaces."

Education (2)

University of Toronto: MBA, Business 1988

University of Alberta: Bachelor of Commerce, Business 1982

Affiliations (3)

  • Senator University of Alberta
  • Board of Directors President LitFest Alberta
  • Board of Directors Business Link

Languages (2)

  • English
  • French

Media Appearances (5)

What Top Industry Leaders Have To Say About Current UX Trends

Forbes  online


Interviewed for a Forbes Technology Council column.

Media Appearance Image

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Advice for Entrepreneurs

Capital Ideas (Edmonton Journal)  online


A selection of quotes from Tema Frank that were printed in the Edmonton Journal's Capital Ideas section. (There are also more recent ones.) Also has a video of my panel discussion on "Does or should work life balance exist?"

Media Appearance Image

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Several articles for Hotel Business Review

Hotel Executive  online


Articles include: What Your Net Promoter Score Isn't Telling You The Forgotten Folks Who Can Kill (or Help) Your Brand 13 Do's and Don'ts of Hotel Customer Service on Social Media 21 Customer Experience Touches that Add Up to Long-Term Loyalty What is Your Ideal Customer Really Looking For? How to Win Friends and Influence People on Twitter

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Interview with Tema Frank

Seen and Heard in Edmonton  online


podcast interview

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10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Tema Frank on Understanding Website Usability

MediaShower  online


by Susan Jennings on 03/11/2015 Tema Frank of Frank Reactions is a pioneer in website usability testing. Tema’s expertise in the fields of marketing and corporate communications, along with her vast Internet experience, makes her advice and insight on this subject invaluable. She can help create strategies and action plans to get marketing and websites where they need to be for success. Tema recently took the time to speak with us about website usability and marketing.

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Event Appearances (4)

Unlock Your Company’s Full Profitability with Digital CX Integration Strategies

Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit - DCX 2016  Chicago


Customer Experience Turnarounds: Strategies That Work

CXPA Insight Exchange  Atlanta


How Robots Can Help Your Staff Deliver Better Customer Experience

eTail Canada 2016  Toronto


Le service à la clientèle : Une des clés du succès

Rendez-Vous D'Affaires  Calgary


Partnerships (1)

Retail Digital Marketing & E-commerce research partnership

University of Alberta Canadian Institute for Retailing and Sales


Part of a collaboration to study how Canadian retailers were adapting to the advent of e-commerce

Articles (4)

Attribute Perceptions, Customer Satisfaction and Intention to Recommend E-Services

Journal of Interactive Marketing


Co-authored with Adam Finn and Luming Wang Abstract Academic research has focused on the quality perceptions that drive customer satisfaction as the key to achieving e-service success. This paper develops a process-based model that relates perceptions of managerially actionable site characteristics to online satisfaction, which mediates the effects of site characteristics on intention to recommend e-services. A unique data set provided by Web Mystery Shoppers International Inc. (, a market research supplier, enables the model to be refined using data from samples of responses to each of the competitive websites for one financial service, and then to be tested using similar data for another financial e-service and then for a travel eservice. The model, which accounts for most of the variance in online satisfaction and online intention to recommend in the fitted data, is largely confirmed on cross validation. Process evaluations and satisfaction mediate the effects of actionable website characteristics on intention to recommend e-services. © 2009 Direct Marketing

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What Works When?

Quirk's Marketing Research Review


Article Abstract A look at the drawbacks and advantages of several methods of testing Web sites, from focus groups (online and offline) to lab-based usability testing and unsolicited customer feedback.

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Several Articles re Customer Experience at this Publication

Customer Think


Titles include: Do You Worry About Your Organization Being Attacked on Social Media? From $20 to $500 Million: A Customer Experience Turnaround What Does Your Ideal Customer Really Want? As More Gets Automated, Is There Still A Role For People In Your Business? How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Customer Satisfaction Hate Your Bank? This Big Bank Is Turning Around Customer Experience & Winning Loyalty The 10 Commandments of Customer Service on Twitter

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Growth Could Kill Your Company!

Duct Tape Marketing blog

Many companies that grow quickly eventually crash and burn. The skills and practices that created their success just can’t sustain it. What goes wrong in these growth situations?

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