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Teresa Di Felice - CAA South Central Ontario. Thornhill, ON, CA

Teresa Di Felice Teresa Di Felice

Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations | CAA South Central Ontario

Thornhill, ON, CANADA

Teresa oversees CAA SCO's advocacy and community relations efforts in Ontario.







For Whom the Road Tolls Teresa Di Felice explains drop in auto insurance rates




Teresa is Director of Government & Community Relations at CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO), Canada's largest CAA Club. She has been with CAA since 2005.

She is responsible for the overall direction and execution of the organization’s advocacy strategies and programs, representing and raising awareness on relevant issues to CAA’s over 2 million Members and with policymakers in Ontario.

Teresa’s breadth and range of knowledge on infrastructure, transportation, safety, automotive and industry issues related to CAA’s work has resulted in many contributions to the development and execution of sound public policy. These include input into the province’s cycling strategy, being a member of the Premier’s panel on the Transit Investment Strategy, tow industry reform and on the transition team of the Mayor of Toronto, to name a few.

Over the last three years Teresa has released two Conference Board of Canada reports related to how much motorists contribute to the cost of infrastructure and various tools and strategies related to mitigating congestion.

Industry Expertise (5)

Safety Highways / Railtracks Automotive Government Relations Public Policy

Areas of Expertise (6)

Community & Government Relations Road Safety Policy Advocacy Congestion Management Roadside Assistance Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Education (1)

University of Toronto, Victoria University: B.A., Political Science and Criminology

Media Appearances (13)

Proposed bill looks to reform Ontario towing

Collision Repair Magazine  online


The bill will help to design a single provincial framework that will assist small businesses in their operations, and protect consumers," says Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president, of government and community relations at CAA South Central Ontario.

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CAA unveils Ontario 'Towing Bill of Rights' to prevent drivers from being overcharged

CTV News  online


"It can often be very stressful for motorists after a collision or vehicle issue, and the Towing Bill of Rights is a quick and easy reference guide to help put the power and knowledge back in the hands of consumers,” Teresa Di Felice, a vice-president of government and community relations at CAA South Central Ontario, said in a press release.

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CAA, Ontario association sign towing bill of rights

Global News  online


“There are operators who do not prioritize customer service and have been taking advantage of people in need at the sign of the road,” said Terese Di Felice.

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Ontario gov’t to focus on road safety as cannabis is legalized

CI Top Broker  online


“It is important that the government makes road safety and motorist education a top priority,” says Teresa Di Felice, AVP of government and community relations for CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO). “Ontario roads are some of the safest in North America, and we want to keep it that way when cannabis is legalized.”

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CAA Report highlights ways to reduce traffic congestion

Global News 640 Toronto  radio


Tasha Kheiriddin is joined by Teresa Di Felice, the AVP of Government and Community Relations from CAA SCO to go over the report.

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CAA: 'Dooring' Is A Growing Problem

Extra Peterborough  online


Teresa Di Felice of the CAA says dooring is continuing to be a major issue, a situation where a cyclist is hit by an opening car door.

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CAA pushes the 'Dutch Reach' in annual share the road campaign

Ottawa Matters  online


"We're so used to opening the door with our hand closest to the door," said Assistant Vice President of Community Relations with CAA, Teresa Di Felice. "The Dutch Reach is actually suggesting that you open the door with the opposite hand. So, if you're a driver, it would be your right hand."

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C.A.A bike safety campaign underway

Breakfast Television Toronto  radio


Teresa Di Felice joins us to discuss a C.A.A program that will ensure Toronto bikers stay safe.

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#OBS18: Share the Road recognizes cycling leaders with Wheels of Change Awards

Share the Road Cycling Coalition  online


Advocate of the Year — Teresa Di Felice

Advocate of the Year — Teresa Di Felice

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Traffic Congestion Costing Drivers Millions

CityNews  tv


Toronto is home to some of the worst traffic in Canada – that’s not news. In fact, the city has the dubious honour of being home to 10 of the 20 worst bottlenecks in the country.

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Road Tolls: Will they Actually Reduce Congestion?

The Globe and Mail  


“We have to be very clear about what we’re trying to achieve,” says Teresa Di Felice, director of government and community relations, CAA SCO. “If we want to achieve reductions, there are various tools, land use planning, ride sharing transit. When you move the conversation to road pricing there has to be a clear objective … If you want to change behaviour, that is a different pricing strategy.”...

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Motorists Already Paying their Share: CAA

Toronto Sun  


Teresa Di Felice, director of government and community relations for the CAA, said the income levels of drivers shouldn’t be a factor in the DVP/Gardiner tolling debate.

“These are people who are making sacrifices in other places because they feel that they have no other choice but to drive,” Di Felice said...

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One in Three Ontario Drivers Admit to Distracted Driving: Survey

Canadian Underwriter  


“There is no excuse for driving distracted,” said Teresa Di Felice, CAA SCO’s director of government and community relations, in the release. “Making a phone call or sending a text message isn’t worth putting your life or someone else’s at risk.”...

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