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Terrence Collins - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

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A champion of green science, Terry Collins has been recognized internationally for his invention of a new class of oxidation catalysts , called TAML® activators, with demonstrated potential for enormous, positive impact on the environment. Collins learned of the insidious health damage caused by chemical pollutants of anthropogenic origin in his native New Zealand and responded in his academic life by creating an iterative catalyst design protocol that has delivered environmentally benign, cost-effective technologies mimicking nature's oxidizing enzymes while avoiding and destroying endocrine disrupting chemicals from water and soil that are dangerous at low doses. Dr. Collins developed the "Five Performances" concept to characterize sustainable chemical technologies; sustainable chemical technologies have high technical, cost, health, environmental and fairness performances rather than just the first two that led to the commercial development of most of today's chemical products and processes. He is the Creator-Founder of Sudoc, LLC, a prize-winning startup based on his inventions that is showing how to integrate all five performances into commercial chemical processes. Collins and his fellow researchers continue to develop even higher performance TAML-based oxidation processes that avoid or eliminate pollutants and pathogens in water while underpinning numerous commercial applications of frontier oxidation catalysis.

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University of Auckland: Ph.D., Chemistry

University of Auckland: M.S., Chemistry

University of Auckland: B.S., Chemistry

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Scientists have known for decades that bisphenol A, or BPA, a plastic additive used in products like food storage containers and food can liners, is harmful to human health. And the mountain of science on the chemical is finally spurring tighter regulations in Europe.

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The breakdown of volatile chemicals that ignited a fire at a chemical plant outside Houston is cause for concern but not necessarily a major threat to public health say authorities and experts.