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Terri Giosia - Freelance/Contractual. Montreal, QC, CA

Terri Giosia

Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Business Coach | Freelance/Contractual

Montreal, QC, CANADA

How "F.A.R. do you want to go? (focus, action, results)



A student of ongoing learning, with a flair to build rapport, influence, engage, inspire and empower others.

My passion is training, coaching and leading individuals and teams to achieve higher levels of performance and job mastery.

I have worked with a myriad of organizations (from entry-level employees to C suite executives) whereby they have reaped the benefits of increased sales, stronger leaders, improved customer care, motivated and engaged teams, which in turn has affected their bottom line.

Training programs, seminars and workshops I have developed and delivered:

Leadership, Sales, Customer Care, Public Speaking, Telephone/Email Etiquette, The Art of Charisma, LinkedIn: Networking/You are your BRAND!, BOOST your EQ, Effective Coaching and Team Engagement, Business Writing, Be the CEO of your life!, Conflict Resolution, Happily Ever Laughter!, SMART Goal Setting, Exercising Influence, Dealing with Change, Decision Making, How to conduct an Effective Meeting, Time and Stress Management, Negotiating skills, Assertiveness for Women, Train the Trainer and an Employment Preparation Program.

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How to conduct an effective meeting: (professional)

Whether you’re a VP, manager, director or first time supervisor, meetings are essential and an integral part of sharing information and motivating your staff. The key to conducting an effective meeting is….being a great leader! From setting clear objective, improve time management, communication to inspiring others, this is a must for all levels of management to fine tune and remind yourself and your staff of how powerful a “good meeting” really can be.

Sales 101 (professional)

Project a positive Image! You will uncover: the selling process, from identifying prospects, positioning your product, how to recognize buying signals, handling objections, (when “no” doesn’t mean “no) to establishing commitment and building relationships that lead to future sales. You will learn effective listening skills, strategies for getting the appointment, how to build rapport, see how charmisma can be your greatest asset and various way to close the sale more effectively.

Be the CEO of your life! (professional)

Texting, emails, voice mail, blackberries going off…..and it’s only 8.45 am! Seems everyone is over-booking, overdoing and overworked; we all need a “survival guide” and in this seminar you will learn how to: Refocus, re-energize, regain and renew!

Creating Great Customer Service! (professional)

Learn to maintain and gain your customers satisfaction and ongoing business with our seminar that will put the “human” back into your job with tools to empower and motivate you all day long. Learn the “golden rules” to great customer care, changing the mind set and “upsell” to every caller, to how to deal with difficult customers, develop your “verbal” power and maximize your role as the “voice” of your company’s service/products and so much more.

The art of Charisma! (personal)

Whether you’re running a corporation, a department, a volunteer program, or you’re a sales representative, there’s no skill more valuable than the ability to positively influence others. You already have the potential to be more charismatic. From leading a meeting, selling an idea or product to networking for your business, charisma is a skill that you naturally possess and we’ll explore how you can obtain the results you desire in your life.

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The Art of Charisma  Montreal, Quebec



Body Image and Discovering Your Absolute Beauty  Laval, Quebec



Enrichment conference - Let your BEST self shine!  Montreal, Quebec



Be the CEO of your life!  Montreal, Quebec



GREAT customer service  Laval, Quebec



Train the Trainer  Mascouche, Quebec


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Happily ever laughter!

Laughter is serious business; it reduces stress, promotes good relationships, boosts moral, helps builds teams and so much more....this seminar is a must for your next meeting! Children laugh 300 times a day, adults only 15! Laughter, our bodies most natural urge and yet, along the way many have forgotten the pure joy of laughter! Seeing life with a sense of humour, smiling more often, “playing”, having more fun and enjoying the “now” is key to one's well being! See how by shifting your perception and embracing a positive attitude you’re able to enjoy the moment, deal with obstacles, let negativity slide off and truly embrace life in a whole new way. Your wellness is your choice, embrace laughter, “fun” and revel in the present, as it’s truly a gift! Give your team the gift of this incredible seminar; we guarantee you'll see the difference in your team's motivation, attitude and productivity!



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