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Terry Ledden - Sales AboutFace - Sandler Training. Ottawa, ON, CA

Terry Ledden

President and Managing Partner | Sales AboutFace - Sandler Training

Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Energetic, engaging 20+ year veteran speaker, trainer specializing in sales and organizational performance.



Terry is Founder and Managing Partner of the sales performance and development firm Sales AboutFace Inc.

As a professional sales performance consultant, trainer and coach for 20+ years, Terry has dedicated himself to the significant improvement in the long term job performance, sales production and financial success of committed Canadian companies and sales professionals. He speaks regularly on the topic of sales performance growth and sales management.

Here’s what some of his clients have to say:

- Working with Terry, my group has experienced a 53% increase in sales
- We’re on track to double our results compared to last year
- Terry and his coaching have had a career saving impact on my life
- My team has had their best year ever in billings due to the work Terry has done over the past year.
- The salespeople we’ve hired using Terry’s system have outperformed almost every salesperson we’ve hired previously.
- We have increased or closing rate by over 60% in the first year

As former VP of Chicago based sales training firm Holden International from 1992 to 2001, he has led sales performance change across numerous organizations in the telecom, professional services and manufacturing sectors world-wide.

Terry spent the first 15 years of his career in sales, sales management and product marketing in the telecommunications industry where he introduced common sales and sales management processes, standards and strategies across multiple telecom carrier and manufacturer organizations throughout Canada.

Terry plays in the fast lanein his role as a certified level 2 high performance driving instructor.

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Elevating Sales

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What's Holding Me Back?

Participants discover how they have allowed their level of performance in differing roles in life to define and limit their own perception of who they are as an individual leading to mediocrity in performance. Individuals learn to break the connection between what they do and how they feel leading to expanded comfort zones and high performance behaviour.