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Thanduxolo magqibelo Thanduxolo magqibelo

Law enforcement Course Manager | Motivation from with in

East London, Eastern Cape, SOUTH AFRICA

Motivation from with in


Thanduxolo Magqbelo from East London, in Duncan Village; the 3rd born of his family, raised by a single parent, a survivor, a friend and mother.I grew up in an enviroment that held the best potential and ability to break or make me. everything at my disposarl I was left to choose what my existance meant to me.People around me were happy and content with what Duncan Village provided them and felt it was enough not because they lacked power or the necessary means but because the given environment insisted on that and illustrated that route. I am what I am because from the very beginnings I was never content, I was never settled, I was never happy and I did not have a choice It was either I join in or lose on then but I kept on motivating myself "it is not enough Until I say so'' because I never gave a chance to the fat lady my past was never going to define me and I never gonna die there My "MOTIVATION CAME FROM WITH IN'' a bitter now for a sweeter tomorrow, an angry me for a happy now and I stand motivated now and I will not break not now not tomorrow a brighter future awaits me

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Academemy pf Business & Computer Studies: Policing, Policing and Traffic management (Administrative management) 2010