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Theresa Morris Theresa Morris


Owensboro, Kentucky Area, KY, UNITED STATES

TJ Morris ACO Founder



marketing media management, organizer, speaker, host, radio shows, producer, talent management, publisher, TImely Manor Books Esoteric, Spirituality, Ascension Age ~ Ace Folklife archivists, Similar Interests Groups Scout, Social Networker, Social Entrepreneur, Member BMI, singer, songwriter, web-builder, documentaries, production, talk action talent coordinator, Union negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, branding and identity, server architecture, mergers and acquisition, salary arbitration, international law in foreign trade and commerce. Human Rights and especially women's rights in the world.

Industry Expertise (1)

International Affairs

Areas of Expertise (5)

Web Builder




Microsoft Publisher

Education (3)

Univ. of Alabama in Birmingham: Forensics 1982

Transfer from UAB Fire College, and Alvin Community College, TX

DAYMAR/Pacific Institute: 2009

Univ of Illinois: Certificate Personnel Mgmt & Security, Security Administration 1987

Naval Hospital Corps School Certification 1985, earned while working at Naval Regional Finance Center, Record Title-Record Data, Waukegan -Lake County Courthouse, Title Searcher, Went to Washing D.C. May 1987 for psyche eval and investigation. Prior Legal Investigator and Private Investigator, Insurance Investigator, Arson, Fraud, Subrogation, Professional Witness in Cases regarding International Affairs. Officially signed on Wash. DC May 1967 Ambassador of Goodwill. ACIR...

Affiliations (4)

  • Ohio County Historical Society
  • History Club
  • American Culture International Relations
  • ACE Folklife