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Thomas Kessler - Kessler Praxis Consult. Bonn, , DE

Thomas Kessler

Managing Partner, CEO | Kessler Praxis Consult


Accelerate your M&A Integration to create value from your transaction and solidify your competitive positioning



This is Who I am:

I truly enjoy assisting businesses in managing the integration of a company or assets they bought. M&A integration has been my heart blood since the mid 90s.

I am a highly experienced Business Executive with 20 years of U.S. European and Asian experience in Merger Integration and Investment Banking. I thrive in a challenging, dynamic environment. I have been valued as excellent coach and team leader.

This is Who I Help:

If you are

✔ a member of the board of directors, the senior management team or
✔ leading the corporate M&A or merger integration activities

and are seeking training and / or advise to accelerate through and create significant value for your merger integration, I can help you!

This is How I Will help You:

✔ Identifying the success integration criteria during strategic selection
✔ separate integration hurdles from deal breakers during due diligence
✔ Identify, analyze, quantify and prioritize synergies
✔ select the few DayOne tasks that focus your organization and avoid overburdening projects plans
✔ communicating the right message addressing specific urgent concerns
✔ focus your organization on key priorities balancing day-to-day and integration work
✔ re-distributing positions on merit, skills and responsibility avoiding pecking order fights and misguided democratic distribution
✔ communicating value creation to prolong momentum
✔ identify the behavior sets that foster cultural integration

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Industry Expertise (9)

Medical Devices



Industrial Automation

Business Services



Mining and Metals


Areas of Expertise (3)

Post Merger Integration

M&a Integration Due Diligence

M&a Target Selection

Affiliations (2)

  • Zurich University of Applied Sience
  • Global PMI Partners

Sample Talks (1)

Integration Success Blueprint - How to accelerate through and create significant value in every merer integration

Integration Success Blueprint Seminar includes presentations, workshop-inteactions, discussions on: ??? Strategic selection: Define strategic reasoning, financial? business case and integration approach for transaction ? approval ??? Integration Approach: Define strategic importance / ? independence matrix and view on elements subject to ? conservation, leverage, consolidation, integration?? ? Due Diligence support: identify synergies based on data ? room information and staff discussions?? ? Strategy review: identify opportunities; prepare associated ? business cases for discussion with and prioritization through ? management?? ? Synergy build out: continue activities pre / post closing -? the level of information access in respective phase is key?? ? Day One activities: Plan actions with functional / cross ? functional departments post signing (if necessary also after ? the closing has happened), added by tracking and coaching, ? support?? ? Project Management Office: Assistance in set-up of ? project organization, status meeting and reporting ? organization, collating of material into decision focused ? management presentations, coaching existing team to ? manage the integration effectively, assist in establishing ? Work Breakdown Structure (rough breakdown of integration ? activities) ??? Synergy analysis: identify, quantify and prioritize synergies ? using our synergy analysis methodology?? ? Restructuring actions: prepare and quantify restructuring ? opportunities for discussion with management?? ? Synergy tracking: track and report progress on each ? synergy to be implemented based implementation? timeframe? ?? Communication: Stakeholder Analysis - provide framework ? what to do, when and with whom. Identify jointly required ? communication needs to relevant stakeholder groups ? including interaction with legal etc. ??? Organizational Development: Role clarification ? identify ? and define actions that will enable you to align accountability ? for results, de


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