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Tianxin Zou - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Tianxin Zou

Assistant Professor of Marketing | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Tianxin Zou's research focuses on platform designs, uprising business models and technologies and platform regulations.


Tianxin Zou's research focuses on important topics about online platforms, including the economic impacts of cutting-edge digital technologies, uprising business models and platforms regulations. Tianxin also researches how firms should design strategies to consider consumers' psychological/non-economic considerations. Tianxin also analyzes how new technologies and business models on the internet will reshape firms’ pricing and product strategies.

Areas of Expertise (3)

New technologies in marketing

Platform design

Platform regulation

Media Appearances (2)

Marketing professor receives prestigious research award from AMA

UF Warrington College of Business  online


Tianxin Zou, John I. Williams, Jr. Assistant Professor of Marketing, is one of two winners of the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Marketing Research Special Interest Group Don Lehmann Award for 2022.

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Warrington marketing professor’s research cited in speech by FTC commissioner

UF Warrington College of Business  online


Assistant Professor of Marketing Tianxin Zou’s research, which argues that competition between resale platforms may harm consumers, was recently featured in a presentation made by U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner Christine S. Wilson.

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Articles (3)

Competing for Recommendations: The Strategic Impact of Personalized Product Recommendations in Online Marketplaces

Marketing Science

Bo Zhou and Tianxin Zou


We study how an online marketplace’s personalized product recommendations and its consumer profiling accuracy affect third-party sellers’ competition and the market outcomes. Sellers strategically adjust prices to compete for the marketplace’s recommendations. As the marketplace more accurately predicts consumers’ preferences, the equilibrium price first decreases and then increases, and both the marketplace’s and the sellers’ profits may decrease despite the improved recommendation accuracy.

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Effects of On-Demand Product Adjustments on Firm's Pricing and Product Strategies

Production and Operations Management

Baojun Jiang, et. al


In many markets, consumers have time-varying needs for product or service quality. Recent technology advances equip firms with the on-demand product-adjustment capability (OPAC), which allows them to efficiently process customers' requests for short-term changes of service quality to meet their time-varying demands. This paper examines how OPAC affects a firm's optimal pricing and product-line decisions in a market with consumers having time-varying product needs and different average need levels.

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Integration of Primary and Resale Platforms

Journal of Marketing Research

Tianxin Zou and Baojun Jiang


Consumers can buy concert tickets from primary platforms (e.g., Ticketmaster) or from consumer-to-consumer resale platforms (e.g., StubHub). Recently, Ticketmaster has entered and been trying to control the resale market by prohibiting consumers from reselling on competing resale platforms.

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