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Tibor Shanto - IDEABOOST. Toronto, ON, CA

Tibor Shanto Tibor Shanto

Chief Sales Officer | Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Tibor Shanto is a mentor for IDEABOOST.





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Tibor Shanto is a Sales Performance Leader and Principal with Renbor Sales Solutions. He works with B2B sales organizations to build top sales performers through a focus on process, behavioural change and execution. Tibor is the coauthor of an award winning book on trigger events.

Industry Expertise (4)

Business Services Training and Development Corporate Leadership Program Development

Areas of Expertise (8)

Sales Process B2b Sales Business Development Sales Management Lead Generation Marketing Strategy Strategic Partnerships Account Management

Accomplishments (5)

Gold Medal Top Sales & Marketing Webinar (professional)


Awarded the gold medal for top Sales & Marketing Webinar 2014. The award was for “The Objective Sell Webinar”, delivered as part of salesforce.com’ Influencer Webinar series.

The Top 30 Social Salespeople In The World (professional)


Awarded by KiteDesk.

Gold Medal Top Sales & Marketing Blog (professional)


Awarded by Top Sales World.

Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2013 (professional)


Awarded by OpenView Labs.

Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2013 (professional)


Awarded by Top Sales World.

Affiliations (2)

  • WAGmob, The Leading Learning Acceleration Platform : Advisor
  • Charlie App : Advisor

Media Appearances (5)

How to reduce turnover in your sales force

The Globe and Mail  online


Turnover in the sales ranks is a challenge for many companies, and some industries regularly experience turnover as high as 40 per cent a year. This attrition is due to a number of factors, including fit, abilities, and the front-line managers’ ability to lead. But the most overlooked factor in turnover and ensuring success is the on-boarding process...

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Ten critical questions to ask during sales pipeline reviews

The Globe and Mail  online


As we head in to the second quarter, it’s important that you have a solid pipeline, one that can be monetized over the next few months. Given the approaching summer season, this quarter – more so than any other – will determine how the rest of the year goes...

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As Canadian sales performance slips, here are four proposed fixes

The Globe and Mail  online


A recent report from Accenture shows Canadian sales performance is slipping year over year. And salespeople are not missing their numbers because of the economic climate, pricing or the fact your marketing team hasn’t updated your brochure or your website since Thanksgiving. There’s a lack of discipline and commitment to sales execution, and it’s holding both individuals and organizations back...

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Long Gone: How Did You Lose That "Satisfied" Customer?

Forbes  online


Few things hurt more than losing a client. Some you see going. They leave despite your best efforts—and, if nothing else, at least you had a chance to prepare and find other new prospects to plug the void...

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Stop Pretending You're Selling

The Huffington Post  online


Definitions count in discussions, if for no other reason than to ensure everyone is talking about the same thing before they take sides. If the meaning of key terms are fudged, diluted or distorted, there can be little good or progress from the discussion or debate to follow...

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